Product Review – September 2007


Every garment in the line has a technical spin.

Izod G is bringing a new type of “green” to its golf game for both men and women. Cocona™ was named by Time Magazine as one of the most amazing inventions of 2005. Cocona/TrapTek’s fiber and yarn is infused with activated carbon from coconut shells and provides moisture management, odor management and UV protection (SPF 60). The fibers and yarns are lightweight, comfortable and promote all other product features such as stretch and wash ability for the life of the product.
Izod G will introduce four men’s polo styles in multiple colors totaling. The women’s collection will feature a jacket, skort in two colors and six tops (one available in two colors).
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Usually, the thought of someone spotting crocs on a golf course would be a cause for widespread panic. But, when a new species of shoes are seen on the feet of caddies and on the racks at a retail tent on the PGA TOUR, the opposite is happening. Everyone’s coming for a closer look!
This season, a number of PGA TOUR caddies have started wearing Crocs, the lightweight, comfortable, anti-microbial shoe.
Why the sudden surge of Crocs footwear within the PGA? It’s simple. Comfort. Caddies walk an average of six to seven miles a day during tournaments, between scouting the course and carrying the bag during the actual round. Over the course of a season, that can add up to more than 800 miles. Imagine the stress on your feet after walking more than 30 marathons a year!
Word about the footwear started spreading around the event locker rooms this spring, and rapidly more and more caddies were seen sporting the hard-to-miss, colorful sandals. In addition to the caddies wearing Crocs shoes, the brand recently rolled out a PGA TOURbranded beach-style sandal. Priced at $34.99, it is available in colors, khaki/navy, and can be purchased at PGA TOUR events and soon online at


If your one of those golfers that loses sleep because you cant figure out why your drives keep hooking into the woods, Clayton Workman has invented a teaching aid that might help you rest easier. The “Sweet Spot” is a tool that gives the user a visual idea of where the golf ball hits the clubface and why the golf ball flies straight or crooked.
Like most golfers, Workman was struggling to understand why his shots kept flying left or right. The “Sweet Spot” is a light adhesive sticker that is applied to a golf ball. When a golfer hits the ball, the adhesive sticks to the clubface. The “Sweet Spot” is diamond shaped and by watching the ball flight and seeing the impact spot a golfer gets concrete evidence of swing flaws.
The feedback is invaluable to a golfer who can’t understand why shots go astray.
A package of 12 retails for about $7.95. For more information about “Sweet Spot” go to or call Clayton at (888) 799-7768.