Product Review – November 2008

David Ledbetter Presents the NEW SwingSetter Pro

The World’s Foremost Golf Instructor, David Leadbetter, presents the most complete training aid he has ever created, the NEW SwingSetter Pro. Don’t waste your time at the driving range hitting ball after ball without any receiving any feedback on your swing. The SwingSetter Pro will not only help to identify flaws in your golf swing, but it will quickly improve your grip, tempo and swing plane. Follow the included instructional DVD and you will be hitting the ball more consistently than you’ve ever imagined!

“The beauty about the SwingSetter Pro is that it really targets every golfer out there, especially beginners, because they can see how they place their hands on the club and they get that immediate feedback. I think it’s something that could really help any golfer out there.” – Trevor Immelman, 2008 Masters Champion

Notes from David Leadbetter – “I guarantee the SwingSetter Pro will improve your swing and have you hitting the type of golf that you have only dreamed of. You’ll be hitting the ball longer, straighter and more consistent than ever before!”To order the NEW SwingSetter Pro, Call 1-800-514-6504 or visit:

Q Link PGA Tour Line

Play like the pros! Q-Link’s been a fixture on Tour since the mid- 1990’s and recently launched a 10th anniversary line of its sporty pendants and bracelets. Over 350 professional golfers worldwide have worn Q-Link in play, including 120 champions and several current top PGA professionals.

All Q-Link products have the company’s proprietary Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT-3) which is scientifically proven to lower scores by reducing first tee jitters and the “yips,” improving circulation to sharpen mental focus, and enhancing recovery time from poor shots.

Pendants available in sporty acrylic colors ($99) and titanium ($239) with bracelet options of stainless steel ($129), and glossy black or polished silver titanium ($199). Available online or at Edwin Watts, Golf Galaxy, and Dick’s Sporting Goods stores. or 800-246-2765.

Sun Mountain ZERO-G Golf Bag

Sun Mountain continues to be the defining force in the evolution of the golf bag with the new ZERO-G(r) carry bag that transfers the weight of the clubs from golfers’ shoulders to their waists. ZERO-G is carried like a traditional dual strap bag with the addition of a belt that is naturally positioned at the hip and simply closed with an adjustable Velcro(r) strap.

ZERO-G allows the bag to feel nearly weightless by transferring the majority of the weight off of the shoulders which results in more upright posture and reduced upper body fatigue. ZERO-G is in stores now with a full-suggested retail of $239.99. For the retailer nearest you, call 800-227-9224 or visit

Jack Jolly GEL Putters


Our entire putter line has been designed with input from Tour professionals to provide the user with a beautifully balanced and weighted head that will encourage the ball to roll faster and straighter.

Each aluminum insert is precision cut by CNC machines to create the unique grooves. We have both mens and ladies putters, plus a newly designed line by Dr. Paul Hurrion with perimeter weighting, larger sweetspots and increased size of inserts.

Take a look through the lines to find the putter that best suits your game and...BELIEVE IN THE ROLL.

Groove technology is the latest innovation in putting and GEL has taken this new technology a step further with the design of its GEL putters. The innovative grooved aluminum insert has been precision cut using CNC machines to produce the grooves and each model has been designed with input from Tour professionals providing the user with a beautifully balanced and weighted head that will encourage a quicker, truer roll.

Each putter comes with a special GEL designed grip in distinctive Blue/Yellow. And, designed to appeal to our women golng enthusiasts, the Emerald and Sapphire models are also available with the unique Blue/Pink grip, pink groove Insert and Model Name.

Take a look at our exciting styles and the model that will best suit your game.

ForeFront College & University Logo Golf Bags & Accessories

ForeFront Holdings, Inc., a leading supplier of golf accessory products and the leading golf licensee for the Collegiate Licensing Company, today unveiled its 2008-2009 line-up of college and university logo golf bags and accessories, to coincide with college football season.

ForeFront’s licensed golf products and accessories for the collegiate market include Datrek® stand and cart bags, Devant Sport Towels, mascot headcovers, divot tools, and much more. The Company offers college alumni and general sports fans with a full-line of logo merchandise in their favorite team’s logo and color patterns, artfully displayed on a breadth of product offerings. Currently, ForeFront’s line-up of schools includes more than 85 of the top colleges and universities in the U.S.

College and university logo golf bags and accessories allow golfers to tie their golf equipment to their school and show support for their favorite sports teams.

For more information, and a complete list of retailers that carry ForeFront’s collegiate licensed products, visit

Maestro Dobel – World’s First-Ever Diamond Tequila

Juan-Domingo “Dobel” Beckmann, the sixth-generation leader of the worldís most prominent tequila-producing family, announces the introduction of Maestro Dobel, the first-ever diamond tequila. Unlike any other aged tequila, Maestro Dobel is a diamond-clear spirit– a result of a proprietary blending and filtration technique.

Juan Dobel first imagined this unique tequila brand that bears his name while working with his familyís distilling Maestros. Beckmann personally raised the finances for his vision in order to bring this silver tequila concept to market as a completely separate business entity.

Maestro Dobel is available the finest evening establishments in Los Angeles, Boston, Milwaukee, Orlando and Atlanta as well as online where legal.. Dobel is 40% Alc./Vol. and has a suggested retail price of $74.99.