Product Review – May 2009

Exotics XCG-V Tour Spec Fairway Wood

Inspired by the Tour and created to shatter performance barriers, the new Exotics XCG-V Tour Spec fairway wood from Tour Edge Golf is a performance thoroughbred designed for today’s better players. It is a golf club ahead of its time, offering innovative technology in a classic and traditional shape.

The XCG-V Tour Spec fairway wood is the epitome of engineering excellence. From the outset, Tour Edge engineers focused on reducing weight and optimizing weight distribution to create what the company says is the longest-hitting, best-feeling fairway wood in golf. To achieve these results, the Tour Spec features a purpose-built titanium cup face, an ultra-light magnesium crown, and a heavy, high-density steel sole plate – a unique combination in club design. The magnesium crown and titanium cup face allow more of the club head’s weight to rest in the heavy steel sole. In fact, the Tour Spec’s smaller pear-shaped head design, taller face, and perfectly executed weight distribution move the CG location closer to the face for a more penetrating ball flight and tour-preferred trajectory.

Experience the XCG-V Tour Spec fairway wood and capture the performance you’ve been searching for. The XCG-V has a starting retail price $369.99. For more information, contact Tour Edge Golf (800) 515-3343 or visit


In the game of golf, the last thing many people think about while practice-putting is protecting their back and personal health. The NEW RoboCup ball-return robot allows you to uphold your level of fitness by reducing unnecessary stress on your back on the putting green. Instead of bending over to retrieve your ball during putting practice, RoboCup pops the ball right back to golfers, making it a whole lot of fun and a whole less painful. RoboCup, winner of ‘Best New Product’ at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, is the only ball return device designed to work on every practice green. It runs on 4 AA batteries and will return the ball up to 14 feet, depending on green speed. A set of batteries last for 15,000 putt returns. Combine it with the RoboCup Caddy Cord, and even missed putts shoot back to you.

“We’ve engineered a product/solution that gives golfers a break on their back,” says Keith Foley, inventor of RoboCup and co-founder of Fine Tune Golf. “Instead of reaching down to grab their golf ball from the cup, and straining their back, we’re essentially giving them their own personal putting caddy,” adds Foley.

Designed exclusively for avid golfers, RoboCup empowers consumers to focus on their practice, saving them time; their backs and bringing the fun back to putting. Keith Foley, also known for his wellengineered G-Clip and Line’M Up creations, says that they anticipate RoboCup taking Fine Tune Golf to a whole new level of well-respected brand within the golf industry. “We envision RoboCup becoming a household name within the sport of golf and outside of golf,” he says.

Give your readers a smart and safe way to practice their golf game with RoboCup. The RoboCup is available (with Caddy Cord) for under $60, making for an ideal Father’s Day or spring/summer gear or tech-inspired gift. The product offers a printable surface area, ideal for tournaments and marketing for a brand, course or giveaway.

For additional information surrounding RoboCup, visit

GolfBuddy GPS

The GolfBuddy GPS is one of the only handheld GPS product on the market that comes with pre-loaded course data. It is capable of holding up to 20,000 courses in its memory and comes pre-loaded with over 15,000 courses from the U.S. and across the world.

“The GolfBuddy is very much like a GPS in your car. Since it comes come pre-loaded with thousands of courses already in the memory, you just power it on, and it automatically finds the course and hole that you’re on and brings it right up for you.” Said Harry Jung, CEO of GolfBuddy.

Because the GolfBuddy comes with pe-loaded courses, there are no annual subscription fees or membership fees attached to the unit. There are also no fees to download any additional courses as they are made available.

The GolfBuddy has a very handy scorecard function which allows users to track and record their scores for up to 1000 rounds of golf, and also has a shot distance calculator which allows users to measure the distance of their shots with the touch of a single button.

In addition to yardage measurements to front, center and back of the green, and to bunkers, hazards, and other targets that are already programmed into the unit, GolfBuddy also allows users to easily add up to 11 more custom targets per hole. This enables the user to add specific yardages to include preferred lay-up points and carry distances, giving them an extra advantage.

Both the GolfBuddy Pro and Tour come equipped with the same advanced features. The only difference is the Tour unit comes equipped with a color screen. Both Models are now available and are being sold at major retailers including, Golfsmith, Best Buy, Edwin Watts Golf, and PGA Tour Superstore.

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New Jammies

Today, as golfers like Tiger Woods have brought a new passion to the game, inspiring a rising trend of young fans to the sport, there’s now a new clothing line that amateur golfers, especially dads and grandfathers, can’t get enough of. New Jammies recently introduced a certified-organic line of golfpatterned pajamas that familiarizes children with the popular sport, starting a birth. The response from men has been phenomenal, pushing holiday sales to their highest level ever.

The signature prints offer much more than simply being adorable and comfortable golf clothing that is also environmentally responsible. Each garment comes with an educational book, authored and illustrated by Weinberger, introducing babies and children to sports through colorful pictures, stories, and fairytales. The book Tales From New Jammie-Land: Tale 2: I Dream of Sports features P.J. the rabbit who explores various sports that children play.

The colorful golf pattern features orange, green, brown, and gray hole-in-one flags, golf balls and golf clubs in white background. The golf collection comes in several styles: two-piece snug fit long sleeved pajamas, short-sleeved shirts and shorts, playtime rompers, and “onesie’s.

New Jammies also recently released other sports prints: soccer, swimming, and tennis. More information can be found at