Product Review – June 2007


Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz probably can’t correct a flaw in your golf swing, but he can lower your scores. He can also bring out the positive highlights in a poor round and get you closer to a good one. In his breakthrough DVD Par and Beyond: Secrets to Better Golf, Jerry V. Teplitz, JD, PhD, an expert in Optimum Brain Performance, presents a unique interactive approach that can improve your game through a concept called Behavioral Kinesiology. By using a scientific method called muscle checking, Par and Beyond: Secrets to Better Golf goes beyond the mechanics of golf and explores the energetics of golf. “We know that through Behavioral Kinesiology, we can not only improve a golfer’s game, but also enable him or her to adapt these principles for a better life,” said Teplitz.

In the DVD, Teplitz demonstrates a series of these muscle checking exercises. By moving his hand from the eye to the foot of his subject without touching the body at all he is able to weaken the body’s energy. To reverse this effect, he moves his hand from the foot to the eye restoring the body’s energy. Teplitz shows in seconds how this exercise impacts your golf swing and can make the difference between a solid drive down the middle of the fairway or a poorly hit shot that careens out of bounds. With the Par and Beyond: Secrets to Better Golf DVD, the golfer will learn: how to empower his/her self in seconds, new levels of confidence, how to eliminate blocks and negative thought patterns, and how to refocus instantly before the next shot.

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Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift is no small feat. Fine Tune Golf, makers of the original 4-in-1 G-Clip, brings another high quality aid for golfers in their new G-Clip MINI that while compact in size is sure to be a big hit with golfing Dads everywhere on their big day. All golfers know how time consuming and frustrating it is trying to keep track of the two items used on every hole -- a ball marker and golf glove. The new G-Clip MINI Compact Golf Tool (SRP $11.95) provides an attractive and convenient solution to the problem of a lost ball marker or misplaced glove by combining a ball marker and a golf glove grip (which also doubles as a handy money clip) on a simple but rugged die-cast alloy frame that also has a sturdy dual-purpose spring clip.
Simply fasten the G-Clip MINI to your belt, waistband or pocket and never have to again fumble finding a ball marker or discover your glove was left lying back on the tee. The G-Clip MINI can easily be customized with corporate or golf course logos making it ideal for a variety of retail situations and additionally it makes a unique gift that every golfer will use and appreciate. Ball markers are available in six stellar-designs of red or blue antique silver with semicloisonné pigments and include a re-mark indicator on. For more information, contact Keith Foley at Fine Tune Golf at 954-584-3804, via fax at 253-323-5238 or visit the website at


Now, when you leave your clubs at home for any reason, you can practice the all-important Short Game*… Anywhere In The World …Indoors Or Outdoors. The 4-in-ONE Golf Club System™ includes 3 Wedges (Gap, Sand & Lob) and a Putter which SEPARATE into two sections with a Patent-Pending CONNECTOR. Take these practice clubs (they hit regular balls) inside your luggage, car trunk or motorcycle. Also included is a Chipping/Pitching Mat, a Putting Cup and 3 Almost Golf™ practice balls and a Carrying Case. Everything weighs 6 pounds and fits into 21 inch luggage. Versatility permits using clubs in a park, driving range, pitch & putt course, parking lot, hotel room, etc.
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*Technology has increased distance, but, not reduced golf scores. Golf is 65% Short Game and 80% of your score is from inside 100 yards. More dedicated short game practice will lower your scores. It’s Not How You Drive…It’s How You Arrive