Product Review – July 2007


The Perfect Connextion™ is a Swing Aid Training System that will connect your big muscles to consistently swing the club in rhythm with your body, maximizing your power, and experiencing the feel of a Pro’s swing. You will get instant feedback and develop a reliable, repeatable golf swing. Through proper muscle usage, the Perfect Connextion teaches you how to “stay connected”. You’ll be amazed at how one simple Swing Aid Training System can help you with every club in your bag and with all different types of shots. This adjustable Swing Aid Training System can be used for the full swing, chipping, and putting stroke.It’s the most effective Swing Aid Training System you can use to improve your swing mechanics.
Stay Connected with The Perfect Connextion! The Perfect Connextion can be ordered online at www.perfectconnextion. com or by calling (847) 847-7435.


Need fifty reasons why the new Wilson Staff Fifty golf ball is going to be the next “it” ball? Start with 30 compression points - which is how much softer it is than the nearest competitor - and subtract 20 dollars, which is how much less expensive it is from the best selling 2-piece performance ball. We’ll throw in a few more reasons for good measure: it’s long as hell, comes in a sharp package that jumps off the shelf and features a rich looking, distinctive ball stamp and dimple pattern. At just $17.99 per dozen, the Fifty defies expectation. “The Wilson Staff 50 is miles apart from its competitive set,” stated Tom Gruger, Wilson Golf’s Global Business Director Golf Balls. “The 50 delivers the maximum distance that the consumer has come to expect, then blows the competition away with a feel that simply is remarkable.” The Inside Story At the core of the 50 performance breakthrough story is an extremely soft, yet highly reactive Nano-Tech core. Wilson has been utilizing Nano Technology in its golf balls since the company relaunched its historic Staff brand in 2005. The new 50 is the first ball to incorporate the latest advancements in Nano technology, resulting in a core that is 22% softer than the Wilson Staff Dx2. This ultimate soft core fuels the feel and responsiveness desired by most golfers.


CardScan Executive is the perfect tool for networking – whether for business or for pleasure. It synchronizes easily with Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm, Windows Mobile devices, iPods and smart phones, as well as ACT!, Lotus Notes, and Goldmine. The color scanner accurately scans and reads business cards in 3 seconds and creates a digital address book, making it easy to consolidate all your contact data using drag-and-drop from email and web sites. You can easily categorize contacts, search, sort, de-dupe, print labels, map addresses, and much more. It even includes the free Card- Scan At Your Service, a secure, online backup system that can be accessed from anywhere online, ensuring that your contacts are never lost.
CardScan Executive is available for $259.99. CardScan Personal (great for people on-the-go) and CardScan Team (great for businesses) are also available. CardScan Personal, Executive and Team all include a 30-day money-back guarantee and two-year warranty. Visit for more information. Phone: (800) 942-6739.