Product Review – January 2008

Energy Grip
A Golf Grip With Shock Absorbing Technology

Imagine a golf grip that enables an enhanced “feel” for the game, decreases the level of fatigue caused by the effects of repetitive shock and vibration, and provides a superior playing experience.
Energy Grip Inc. introduces a breakthrough technology that provides anti-shock qualities while removing weight from the entire system, allowing the weight to be applied to other components. The Energy Grip features an innovative, proprietary design that affordably eliminates the problem of harmful shock and vibration. The patented Energy Grip advantage is the longitudinal cavities, or air pockets, that create radial ribs within the grip. These ribs createa torsion isolation and vibration energy dissipation system. The outside of the grip is the “mass” and the ribs serve as the dampening mechanism. Placing evenly spaced receptacles within the grip absorbs vibration, and provides greater control (torque) for the club user without significant loss of the “feel” of the stroke.

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Beat the Bogey Man

Everyone talks about how important the “mental part” of the game is. It’s believed that you either have it or you don’t. This simply isn’t true. For the past 15 years, Dr. Travis Fox has been creating the solution to help golfers of all skill sets improve their consistency and lower their scores through the power of their mind. Dr. Fox’s research is our gain with the introduction of his revolutionary, Patent Pending, Beat the Bogey ManTM 8 disc set (4 DVD’s, 4 CD’s) that is designed to help one million golfers improve their game 3 to 5 strokes in less than 90 days, GUARANTEED! Now, golfers everywhere can harness the effectiveness of his methodology and take their golf games to new levels. To purchase or for more information visit

EZLinks provides golfers with three ways to make online reservations. Registration is fast and easy, and all tee times are reserved in “real-time”. Once a reservation is completed, your tee time appears instantly on the EZLinks computer at the golf shop. A confirmation summary is automatically emailed to your registered address, and your tee time can be viewed and/or canceled online at

Regular Tee Times
Access over 2.2 million rounds of golf in “real-time”. This is a traditional golf reservation, at the course’s normal green fee amount for the selected day and time. A credit card is required to secure the reservation, but in most cases you pay when you arrive to play.
Tee Time Specials
Try courses at a fraction of the regular price! Pre-purchase your golf for up to four players. Pay instantly online with a credit, and bring your email confirmation with you to the golf shop as proof of prepayment.
Name Your Price
Pick a tee time, and make us your best offer! EZLinks will instantly let you know if that price was accepted. If it is, your credit card is charged and the tee time is yours. Simply bring your email confirmation summary with you to the golf shop as proof of prepayment..

Golf Stretcher

All golfers, from the beginner to the professional, want to hit the ball further and more accurately. GolfStretcher™, a Performance Enhancing Training Tool will help you do just that. These results are achieved by increasing flexibility in your shoulders, back, hips, spine and legs to complete more balanced, controlled, and consistent swings. Golf Stretcher™ is an adjustable patent pending stretching and strengthening device with two 360 degree rotating handles, and a 75 degree rotating shaft, that is lightweight, fits easily into your golf bag and can be taken anywhere. It is permitted under the Rules of Golf and can even be used in tournament golf. Golf Stretcher™ comes with a 4 Minute Performance Enhancement Program that effectively prepares your body and relaxes your mind for success on the first tee. For more information or to order the Golf Stretcher™ visit

Rife Two Bar Hybrid Putter

In golf, the word Hybrid has become synonymous with a class of game improvement clubs that is a cross between an iron and a metal wood. Hybrids combine the best or most playable aspects of each. Hybrid, by definition is: “anything derived from heterogeneous sources, or composed of elements of different or incongruous kinds”. Rife Putters, is now introducing the worlds first hybrid putter, the Two Bar Hybrid Mallet. This putter is a combination of elements taken from the 2007 Golf Magazine “Mallet of the Year” Island Series Barbados, and the even-more-successful original Two Bar putter. The most distinct features and performance benefits from both models have been blended into one new spectacular design that is a game improving “hybrid” product in every sense of the word. The new Two Bar Hybrid features Rife’s patented RollGroove Technology, Two Bar Alignment, Twin In-Line Moment of Inertia (MOI), Dual Response (DR) Insert Technology, LieAline Fitting System, and adjustable Speed Weighting.

Lily’s of Beverly Hills

Lily’s of Beverly Hills - an upscale, contemporary sportswear brand for the female golfer - announces the launch of their Spring ’08 collection, marking the debut of the line’s newly re-branded look. Known for their unparalleled quality and consistent fit, Lily’s of Beverly Hills’ new collection brings a fresh perspective to their classic designs. Inspired by the colors, patterns and styles of resort living and feminine athleticism, the Spring ’08 collection takes a modern approach to the traditional look of women’s golf attire. Fresh, new styles, colors and silhouettes were introduced this season, including sleeveless vests, hoodies and tailored shorts and capris. Each piece is a true combination of fashion and function featuring pinstripes, plaids and theme-inspired prints. The fabrics selected for the collection are not only luxurious, but are constructed with key technologies appropriate to golf, such as UV protectionand anti-microbial benefits. The Lily’s of Beverly Hills Spring ’08 collection makes a lifestyle statement without sacrificing one’s ability to enjoy the great game of golf.
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