Product Review – February 2009

PUMA Invisibonding Technology

For Spring Summer 2009, PUMA® Golf dials up the sophistication with pieces that promise both on-course performance and off-course style. The highlight of the collection is the elimination of all non-essential components from the silhouettes, bringing excitement and innovation to the wearer and to the game.

New for 2009 PUMA Golf apparel is Invisibonding technology, the alternative to classic stitching, and the first of its kind in Golf. Invisibonding works by welding two pieces of material together with a light molecular bond, which provides maximum durability, reduces friction on the skin and creates a seamless and comfortable garment.

For men, PUMA Golf offerings featuring the new technology include the Golf Invisibonding Polo and the Golf Graphic Invisibonding Polo. Both three-button polos are enhanced with additional PUMA apparel technologies such as Moisture Management and Cyclofresh; the polos each retail for $80.

The women’s Golf Invisibonding Polo is not only classically sophisticated, but also versatile. The collar is designed to be worn as a mock neck or polo. With its seamless technology, the top allows for easy movement when swinging the golf club. Available in both black and white, it retails for $80. For more information, visit

SkyCaddie SG5

The SkyCaddie SG5 is the best of the SkyCaddie family with a brilliant color display for easy outdoor readability with advanced course management features- including our 40 targets per hole, instant distances to hazards, fairway targets and layups. The SkyCaddie SG5 offers our powerful, patented IntelliGreen technology to help you hit more greens and lower your score.

Only SkyCaddieís powerful IntelliGreen® technology automatically rotates the actual shape of the green to match your angle of approach. This powerful patented technology gives you a chance to turn every shot into a scoring opportunity by providing not just the front, carry and back from the center of the fairway but the depth of green from your angle of approach and your selected line of play just like a Tour Caddie. Move the crosshairs to any point on the green and get the yardages you need for precision approach shots.

Mark Your Ball
Want to know how far you hit your driver, #5-iron or wedge? Using the ball mark feature on the SkyCaddie will help you understand exactly how far you hit every club in your bag. Knowing your club distances allows you manage your game better. Combining the real time distance to your target with your confirmed club distances will help you play every hole like a pro. For more information, log on to


Discover the company that makes eating healthy so easy, especially on the fairway! Rich in organic, natural ingredients, each PROBAR guarantees 15 whole foods and tastes like your favorite trail mix in the convenience of a bar. Available in twelve distinct flavors, PROBARs are blended, never baked and 100% delicious. If you crave whole strawberries and blueberries then you will LOVE the Whole Berry Blast flavor - a delectable combination of whole grain goodness, chunky nuts and moist organic fruits that satisfies the appetite for hours.

Learn why Health magazine awarded PROBAR the 2008 Healthiest Meal Replacement bar and grab one today!; $3.29.

PUP Pop-Up Protector

This Teflon inspired, state-of-the-art design can help you keep your mind on your game and off your club by eliminating marks on the top of your driver and fairway woods. For the beginner and novice golfer, the POP-UP PROTECTOR is designed to prevent those unsightly scars that appear on drivers and fairway woods from, as the name suggests, popped-up shots. The POP-UP PROTECTOR is made from a highly durable, thermoplastic elastomer and is pre-coated with a high performance acrylic adhesive typically used in the aerospace, transportation and machinery industries due to its unique combination of performance properties and ease of application. Before you make your next swing, make sure you’re protected by the POP-UP PROTECTOR!

Available at your local golf retailer or online at $9.99 - Includes 2 Large (Driver) and 3 Small (Fairway Woods and Hybrids) Protectors.

Sun Mountain RainFlex®

Sun Mountain continues improving its lightweight, stretchable, breathable and weatherproof RainFlex® outerwear, staying one step ahead of the category it revolutionized just a few years ago. Notable enhancements for 2009 include new color blocking plus a more technical look in some colors and styles. In addition to carrying a two-year waterproof guarantee, RainFlex stretches 100%. RainFlex is also comfortable and quiet due to the soft, pliable knit fabric that moves with no resistance.

The 2009 line includes RainFlex HD with traditional styling and heavy-duty performance, as well as RainFlex in full-zip jacket, half-zip pullover, short-sleeve pullover, and pants. The women’s line includes full-zip jacket, half-zip pullover, full-zip short-sleeve, and pants. Full-suggested retail prices range from $145 for the short-sleeve pullover to $210 for the HD full-zip jacket.

For the retailer nearest you, call 800-227-9224 or visit