Product Review – December 2006


Ballzee® is the best stocking stuffer of the season! No need to carry a bulky wet towel to the green or “spit clean” dirty golf balls on your khakis. Wet on the inside, dry on the outside… Ballzee® keeps your pocket bone dry the entire round!!
• 2005 PGA Merchandise Show Best New Product Award
• PGA TOUR Partners Club Member Tested Seal of Approval
• Direct Golf U.K. Best New Golf Accessory
• Ballzee products sold at Academy Sports, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy, Roger Dunn Golf Shops, Edwin Watts Golf and Pro Shops around the world.

Holiday Special: TWO Ballzee 2-Packs, ONE OF EACH All Occasion Gift Greeting Cards (Affixed Ballzee Included), Same Day Shipping, All for just $19.95 (regular price $33.95)

Holiday Special available online at or 800-457-0577.

Peak Vision Sports

Let there be PEAKS on Earth. Let it begin with You. This Holiday Season, give your favorite golfer a pair of sunglasses they can wear on their face instead of their hat. Ordinary sunglasses are incapable of properly managing the lighting extremes on the course. PeakVision Sports Performance Eyewear ’s Patented Dual-Zone technology incorporates two filters into one lens, proven to help golfers see better & play better. PEAKS’ revolutionary new lens material offers superior clarity, scratch resistance and durability. Coupled with an ultra lightweight fit and 100% UV400 protection, PEAKS provide the confidence needed to pull off any shot.With several frame styles and colors to choose from and Rx capability, PEAKS make the perfect holiday gift. Each pair comes with a zippered hard case, a microfiber cleansing cloth that duals as a soft carrying case and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Order online at or call 1.888.856.3419 to purchase over the phone. PEAKS are also now available at select Florida retailers.

Butthead Covers

Protect your clubs and give a great gift at the same time with Butthead Covers. Let that special someone in your life find a “Tiny Hiny” hanging out of their stocking or have them unwrap their new clubs adorned with these memorable head covers. Use them to top off a beverage bottle when presenting as a hostess gift. Typical cover fits all clubs from largest 460cc driver down to the little fairway woods. They are double stitched with top quality thread to ensure product strength for a long life. The lining and padding provide head protection and the durable inner elastic helps secure a tight fit over the neck. There are 75 designs in a variety of categories from farm animals to exotic ones. A few covers are available in the “Tiny Hiny” line, perfect for your smaller clubs or putter. Regular covers are $25 each, $18 for Tiny Hinys. You can contact them by calling (480) 545-4653 or visiting them online at

Fairway Skins Company

Who says style and performance can’t coexist on the golf course? Fairway Skins Company has created a line of beautiful high-fashion golf gloves, made from the finest Cabretta* leather. Their elegant look appeals to the casual as well as the more serious golfer. Antique color botanical prints attractively grace the back of each glove. Designs include Iris, Cereus, Strawberry, Lily, Poppy and Magnolia. Each design is labeled on the packaging by its botanical name and its more common name. The gloves are constructed to withstand high winds and heavy rain. The elegance, style and distinctive quality of Fairway Skins gloves help bring beauty and performance to the golf course. Sizes include Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large. MSRP: $36 per glove. New designs will be added to the line seasonally. Currently Fairway Skins gloves are available for purchase at select locations throughout the U.S. and on the company Web site,

Bionic Technologies

Just in time for the holidays, ladies can add another benefit to wearing the highly-acclaimed Bionic Golf Gloves – fashion! New Lycra color schemes including light blue, pink and champagne have joined the Ladies ’ Bionic Glove line-up, in addition to the all white glove. There is also a special pink golf glove available that features a white palm and the breast cancer ribbon on the index finger. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the pink glove will support breast cancer research, education and awareness. The new Bionic golf glove for women is designed to fit ladies hands, rather than being just smaller versions of men ’s gloves. The benefits of wearing patented, high-tech Bionic Gloves are widely known – unsurpassed comfort, fit and performance. They are unlike any gloves on the market because they incorporate the science of anatomy and ergonomics. Created by a leading orthopedic hand surgeon, Bionic Gloves feature strategically-placed pads to reduce the pressure and friction caused by gripping a golf club, improving both comfort and grip strength – especially for golfers with arthritis. In fact, Bionic Gloves were the first and only gloves to earn the Arthritis Foundation ’s Ease-of-Use Commendation.

Scrample Scoop

Have you ever played in a golf tournament and yourself in the golf cart darting left and right, hither and yon, starting and stopping to scoop up the other 3 balls from your favorite foursome. Well all of us at Florida Golf Central have, and it is a pain in the back, literally, to lean out of the cart and try to whisk away the ball as your crazy partner keeps driving. "Did you get it?" is the question by the time your 50 yards away and a frightening U-turn is suddenly being negotiated. Well, we've found the tool to save time, save that soar back and secure the ball with one quick swoosh. It is called the Scramble Scoop, and when you know you are in a golf match where you will be playing the better of the four drives, approach shots and sometimes a multitude of others, NEVER leave home without it. The Scramble Scoop should be your 15th club! In fact it is the most used of any in the bag when you are playing with duffers and hackers from all walks of liffe to raise some money for a worthy cause. So if you know somebody who plays in fundraisers like us at FGCM, this is the perfect gift. The Scramble Sccop is available at 800-590-8484.

Leadbetter Interactive

Fanatical about perfecting your swing, looking for a gift for your Golf Swing "Tech Head"? Interactive Frontiers, creators of the famed V1 Coaching System, have teamed with noted international golf instructor David Leadbetter, to introduce a new, ground-breaking interactive DVD series, “Leadbetter Interactive: The Modern Golf Swing”. This high-definition series features cutting-edge graphics, user interactivity and high-speed photography to complement Leadbetter ’s world-class instruction.
Experience the closest thing to being on the lesson tee with Leadbetter as he guides you through every aspect of the golf swing in this five DVD boxed set. Four instructional discs include: Setup and Swing Concepts, Golf Swing Essentials, Shaping Your Swing and Power = Distance. The interactive disc provides input from the player and includes an easy-to-use version of the popular V1 swing analysis software. The V1 technology provides instruction based on the student’s particular swing faults and is used by Leadbetter to coach the world’s top tour players. To use the interactive DVD, the golfer uploads video of their swing and with the built-in coaching module and a series of questions; Leadbetter recommends drills and areas for the golfer to focus on. The box set of high-tech lessons retails for $99 and can be purchased online at or by calling 1-800-939-7741.

Golf Kart Kaddy

The Golf Kart Kaddy is one of the most innovative products ever to be introduced to the golf industry and just won the prestigious Best New Product Of The Year at The 2006 Fall PGA Expo in Las Vegas. It makes your golf bag act like a stand bag on the back of your cart. Simply attach the product to your golf bag, tighten the Velcro strap and head off to the golf course …it’s that easy! With The Golf Kart Kaddy:
• Your golf bag acts like a stand bag on the back of the golf cart.
• Your golf bag is slightly angled which allows the golf clubs to be removed and replaced with greater ease.
• Your golf clubs are easier to view and select and remain organized during the round.
• You won’t have to remove your golf bag from the cart to get to your golf bag pockets. A BIG PLUS FOR STAFF BAGS AND CART BAGS!
• Provides easier access to golf balls, golf gloves, golf tees, scorecards, etc.
• You won’t have to stretch and strain overhead to remove or replace your golf clubs.
MSRP: $49.95 To order the Golf Kart Kaddy call 877-844-3433 or visit their website at