Product Review – August 2008

Ashworth Golf – Spring/Summer 2009

• Form Follows Function
• Commitment to Quality
• Innovative Fabrics
• Attention to Details
• Comfortable Fit
• Interesting and Wearable Color Combos
• Inspirational Visual Vocabulary

Our men’s knit collection is made up of four parts that can cross merchandise. The first part is designed for a more classic look using an innovative state of the art process. This process created a functional luxury aspect to our line that we refer to as Hi-Def cotton. An alternative to the hard to care for double mercerized look, these shirts are super soft, light and comfortable with no curl collars. Our label for this part of the group is our classic Ashworth label that has been redesigned with a more minimal and attractive looking finish.

The second part of the men’s collection is what we refer to as our ‘3rd Groove Performance’. For this we use the most innovative blends of pima cotton and polyester to combine into the ultimate performance and comfort. Moisture wicking, breathable, lightweight, snagless and odorless, our styling here is slightly more innovative and we use our more modern Ashworth Golf Company heat transfer label.

The third and fourth parts of our men’s collection are ‘capsule’ sub-brands directed to supplement the Ashworth Golf Company merchandise mix with fresh looks for our ever-expanding golf community.

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Bollés Optical Technology

Modern Technology is always in the forefront of increasing competitive performance. Athletes both professional and amateurs are looking for that edge that will provide them an opportunity to improve their game. Bolle’s “Eagle Vision” provides just that edge for the golfer!! Eagle Vision optimizes contrast in the green portion of the color spectrum. On the course it allows for an enhanced view of the contours of the golf course terrain along with effectively reducing glare. I really noticed a big difference on my ability to judge distance and the subtle changes in elevation and slope both very important in golf club selection. The Bolle “Warrant” Model I sampled have the Optics Control System that allows for interchangeable lenses and the B toric lens contours to the face providing maximum coverage and protection. These Glasses should be in every Golf Bag!!!!!!!!

I also tried the Bolle Competivision lenses for tennis and was amazed at the advantage it provided. These Blue Competivision lenses mute all colors except optic yellow (yes the color of the tennis ball), which allows for laser like focus on the tennis ball—Advantage –ME!!

Lastly I popped in the polarized lenses for a fishing excursion and the ability to spot fish in the water was amazing!! The dark gray lenses also reduced glare and brightness on the water.

One pair of frames and interchangeable lenses for golf–tennis and fishing/water sports —Optical Technology that is truly amazing!!! Improve your Vision-Improve you Game!!

Brandon Snyder–Improved Amateur Golfer/Tennis Player/Fisherman

Dixon Earth

Improve the World–Improve your Game.

Dixon Earth, the 1st ever 100% Eco-Friendly golf ball, is good for the environment and even better for your game. Dixon didn’t have to sacrifice playability to become environmentally friendly. The Dixon Earth plays better than most two-piece golf balls on the market and even out performed some three piece urethane cover balls in competitive tests! The Dixon Earth ball is ‘Green’ to the core. The Earth core is made from a proprietary polymer that maintains the playable properties of the ball, but ensures that it is 100% renewable. In addition to the core, the entire Dixon Earth ball is manufactured with materials that can be totally re-ground to basic elements and used to make other consumer products. But that’s not all! Even the package is made from 100% recycled material. To facilitate conservation, Dixon has established a cutting edge Incentive Program to encourage golfers to return spent Dixon Earth golf balls for a $1.00 credit towards the purchase of new ones. Each box of Dixon Earth includes a return mail pouch so golfers can easily mail used golf balls back to Dixon. From core to cover, from packaging to production, Dixon Earth is setting a new standard in environmental consciousness. Dixon is very excited to lead the industry into the concept of ‘Green’.

For more information: 866-468-2259 or $39.95 per dozen

DSKLZ Swing Accelerator and Refiner Training Clubs

SKLZ, the industry leader in sports skill development products and equipment, today announced it is now shipping left-handed versions of their Swing Accelerator and Refiner training clubs. The clubs are part of the company’s line of Rick Smith Signature Series golf training aids.

The Swing Accelerator is a weighted club that ingrains the feel of the correct swing path and improved ball contact— and you can hit balls with it. It is available with either an iron or a driver head and helps increase strength and flexibility of golf-specific muscles to help provide more distance. This club is ideal for warm-up or staying in shape during the off-season. The patented internal weighting system harnesses the power of centrifugal force and gives a real club feel to improve your actual swings rather than just practice swings. Patented see-through grip graphics allow for ideal hand placement.

The Refiner is a dual-adjustable hinged training club available with an iron or a driver head. This unique training club promotes better ball contact for straighter, longer shots by exposing swing flaws through a break in the hinge. Engineered to hit golf balls, the patented, two-way adjustable hinged clubs give instant feedback on tempo and swing plane to smooth out your swing. Unique to hinged clubs, the Refiner uses and ultra-strong, lightweight aluminum hinge to provide more realistic club weighting and feel. Patented seethrough grip graphics allow for ideal hand placement. The Refiner can be used at the range, home, or office, any time of the year. It includes an adjustment key/divot tool to dial in varying levels of tolerance.

The suggested retail prices are as follows: the Swing Accelerator Iron is $79.99, the Swing Accelerator Driver is $99.99, the Refiner Iron is $79.99, the Refiner Driver is $99.99, and the Refiner Putter is 79.99. To find out more about the products or to view instructional videos, visit