Pro Vision – September 2008

Worst– I would have to say Johnny Miller. Although I respect his honesty he has a tendency to be too dramatic at times. He also has a bad habit to over stretching the truth. I realize it is all about the ratings but I get tired of him quickly.

Best– Peter Kostis. His knowledge of the swing makes him credible as a analyst. His interviews are always approached with solid questions. He brings a professional image and persona to what he does and CBS should be proud to have him on their team.

The best golf commentator by far is Judy Rankin. Her on course knowledge and insight adds a tremendous value to the broadcast without trying to add the sophomoric humor that some feel enhances the viewing experience. I really feel that there is no “worst” golf commentator as they all have a niche in the market. Some want to be funny, some sarcastic, some critical, and some cheerleaders. I believe there is a place for all of them. It’s when they try to be something they are not is when they get in trouble. Just ask Kelly Tilghman!

Worst golf TV Commentator: Ken Venture was the most ego centric golf TV Commentator of all time. It was always about Ken Venture not the players competing in the tournament. Every other broadcast he talked about the brutal conditions at Congressional golf club in 1964 when he won the U. S. Open, rather than commentating on the conditions of tournament that was being played.

Best golf TV Commentator: Jim Nance is the best golf TV Commentator because of his respect for the game of golf. His knowledge and history of the game is unmatched. Jim Nance brings you the feeling and emotion of the golf tournament with out trying to make him self the star.

Johnny Miller is the worst golf commentator on TV today. It seems to me as he comes off as a bitter person. I think that he believes he missed out on all the money that is earned today and he can’t stand anybody else doing well. He roots for them to perform badly and in doing so there are some hard feelings towards him from many PGA tour players. I can’t stand to listen to his analysis of the game. If you don’t do it his way it is wrong. He thinks every shot Tiger Hits is one in a Million, and then in the next group another guy pulls off the same shot. I think he needs to remove himself as VP of the Tiger Woods Fan Club and start looking at some other good players. Yes, Tiger is amazing, yes he is the best, please give it a rest! We know this about him without Johnny telling us every two seconds. Anyway I just don’t like listening to him. David Feherty is the best...Why? His goal is to encourage those around him to look at golf and life with the same selfless manner and enjoyment he does. He can tell you that “Tiger has the touch of a gay florist” and people laugh. That is an actual quote from the Byron Nelson Tournament a few years back. Thatís why we watch golf. We are fans of the game and the big players. Why would we want to tune in for all the negative banter of Johnny Miller?

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