Pro Vision – October 2008

Chris Karamitsos wants to know: With it being election season, please write-in your choice for Best Golf Facility in Florida other than your own. Explain why.

“I absolutely love RedTail Golf Club. The course is absolutely beautiful and it is very well maintained. The layout is very fair yet quite a challenge at the same time. The staff, particularly the outside staff, is fantastic. If I ever had the means to join a private club that would definitely be the type of club I would join. Besides the golf, the other amenities offered are excellent. The clubhouse, locker-room, proshop, and fitness center are fantastic. It is truly a great facility.”

In my humble opinion, the best golf facility in the State of Florida is Old Marsh Golf Club. In addition to a challenging and extremely well-maintained Pete Dye golf course, Old Marsh features an excellent caddie program, elegant and unassuming clubhouse, practice range with the best conditioned turf I have had the privilege of hitting balls from with the landing area maintained in the same way. The best thing about Old Marsh is the fact that even though a residential community is integral with the golf course, the set-backs are so well thought out that you would never think of hitting a roof or into a pool.

It truly is all about golf and all its finest traditions at Old Marsh Golf Club!

Can you define “best golf facility”? There are great courses with small clubhouses and no other amenities. There are above average courses with fantastic clubhouses, exercise facilities and restaurants. There are courses with great practice areas.

So are you just looking for courses or entire facilities that may or may not be operating in a couple months?

Next Month’s Question:

Chris Karamitsos wants to know:
Do you think anyone who follows golf cared about the FedEX Cup?