Pro Vision – October 2007

What changes would you like to see made to the FedEx Cup playoff?

I am not sure what can be done to the Fed Ex Cup in the future. I love the game of golf, but value the traditional four majors. Once those have been completed I feel the golf season is essentially over except for the Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup. Especially with Tiger winning the first year, it takes all the excitement from the event. I question what the motivation of the Tour is for planning the Fed Ex Cup. You have college and NFL Football beginning and also the near ending of the baseball season which both sports will take away viewing time. I don’t need to see the top 10 players of the year who most likely made many millions playing for a 10 million annuity. It just seems to me it only brings more money to the tour and television for sponsorships and such. Maybe they should play four tournaments and have all the sponsor money, TV money and annuity be donated to people who are really in need.

Say you can’t stand Tim Finchem telling you when or where to play. Say you wouldn’t play four weeks in a row even if first prize were 20 million. Say you have to take the week off to help your wife re-do the kitchen. But please, don’t say your tired or you can’t play because the kids are going back to school next week and you have to be home. These are two of the lamest excuses I’ve ever heard for not playing. What, the kids will be traumatized if Daddy isn’t there to take them to school. Boy this golf stuff is just wearing me out, I barely have enough energy to go to the bank and deposit my million dollar first place check, I hope the line isn’t too long. Give me a break. The biggest change I would make in the FedEx Cup playoff would be to deduct 10,000 points from any player who uses a lame excuse for not playing. Just tell the truth. My house fell into a sinkhole, a UFO just abducted my caddie and clubs and I wouldn’t play four weeks in a row if first prize were 50 million.

If I were Tim Finchem I would do whatever Tiger suggests, because frankly, Tiger must be happy and only he can control whether the fans enjoy the Fed-Ex Cup playoffs. Whatever Finchem can do to get Tiger to play is the key. I would like to see only four players qualifying to play the final week. They start over with zero points and then play a round robin match play to determine the winner. One additional comment is that whatever the PGA Tour decides on, they should make it clear to the golfing public how it works. I noticed that most golfers did not understand how it was structured.

Next Month’s Question:

Do you think the PGA should test for steroids?