Pro Vision – May 2007

What would you like to say to your MOM on Mother's Day?

No words can describe the appreciation I have for what you have done for me in the past, what you do for me now and what you will do for me in the future! Happy Mother’s day to the world’s best mom!!

My mom is the best example of motherhood that I know. She is always there when someone is in need no matter what the situation. She believes the best in everyone and rarely thinks of herself. She worked a full time job when I was growing up as well as take care of my sister, my father, and me without ever complaining. She exemplifies the word mom. I love you mom and will spend the rest of my life trying to give back to you all the great things that you bestowed upon me.

Dear Mom, Thanks for teaching me to enjoy the game of golf. I remember the first time I ever threw a golf club. I was playing with my Dad and his comment to me after I threw the club was that I wasn’t that good to get that upset to throw a club. When I finally figured out what he meant I agreed with him and he said your mother said that to me the first time I threw a club playing with her. I have never thrown a club out of anger since then and never saw my Dad throw one. I remember this. It happened over 40 years ago. I keep forgetting to ask you... Is there a secret to finding your keys when you’re in a hurry?

Thanks mom for all the love and support you’ve given me, its great to know that no matter the situation, I can count on you. Have a great day, I love you.

Next Month’s Question:

What would you like to say to your DAD on Father's Day?