Pro Vision – June 2007

What would you like to say to your DAD on Father's Day?

My dad has influenced my career in many ways, mostly in regard to work ethic. I was taught at a young age to give 110% at all times. Upon facing difficulties in business, I remember how my dad taught me to work my way through things. “Never give up, and always try your hardest.”

Thanks Dad, and have a great Father’s Day!

My Dad passed away in 1999.If he was alive today, he would be proud of me for my success in golf. I grew up on this golf course when I was a kid and now I’m the head pro here, it is a truly amazing story for me. He taught me the values in life and to earn your own respect, don’t expect it to come without hard work. He taught me to be a people person, that’s why I have had success in the business. I’ve had basically the same staff as I’ve had when I started here, a lot of loyalty from my staff.

My Dad turned me on to the game and ensured that I got equipment and instruction. We played in Father- Son tournaments and traveled extensively to play golf. He helped me grow to love the game, not for Him but for me, and I will always love Him for that. today, I am trying to do the same thing for my Son.

Next Month’s Question:

Does the USGA make the U.S. Open too difficult? If so, what would you like to see changed?