Pro Vision – July 2007

Does the USGA make the U.S. Open too difficult? If so, what would you like to see changed?

Absolutely not! These are the best players in the world and the USGA needs to test their golf and mental abilities. We know a lot of this game is played between the ears and the USGA is conducting a fair competition.

I think the USGA does it the right way for our National Championship. We need at least one major that is a grueling test because it highlights one particular golfers game that is built around accuracy and control. Many tournaments today are slugfests that become putting contest. True skill and accuracy are not commonly measured on the PGA Tour and Par has become meaningless (TV has contributed heavily to this). I know that most fans want to see birdies and eagles, and monster drives, but I like seeing how the best players overcome the obstacles that U.S. Open presents. The U.S. Open should not be diminished in any way. Perseverance is a great quality of golf and we need at least one of the Major titles to showcase this. Virtually every golfer knows that this is what the United States Open is about and I think this is good for the game.

I wish every tournament set up was done like the USGA handles the US Open. When every tournament site is set up much the same such as green speed, rough height and fairway cut, it’s almost like playing the same course over and over for these guys ( just with different target areas ) and they can go very low consistently! You can see what happens to their scores when the rough is longer, thicker and tighter, the scores are dramatically different. And, every once in a while, it’s nice to see them shoot scores that the average guy can relate to. It makes it seem like they are human after all.

Next Month’s Question:

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