Pro Vision – January 2008

Tell Us Your Favorite Joke!

Two golfers are playing golf in the pouring rain and the passenger in the cart notices two guys fishing in a lake near the cart path. The passenger looks over at his buddy and says, “look at those idiots, fishing in the rain”.

Guy’s playing the 17th at the TPC. He walks up on the tee, looks at the shot and decides it not worth risking one of his new Pro V1’s. As he’s reaching into his bag to get a water ball, he hears this voice come down from the Heaven’s “Do not be afraid my son, use a new ball”. Startled he reaches back into his bag and tee’s up a brand new Pro V1. Bristling with confidence, he takes his 8 iron from the caddy and proceeds to take his practice swings. But as he starts to address the ball, he hears the voice from the Heavens once again. “Use the water ball my son”.

A non-golfing but attentive wife listened to her husband talk about the game for 50 years. Finally came the day when she ‘snapped’. She took a golf club and killed him. In court, the judge asked, “How many times did you hit him?” She answered, “Nine times, but write down a seven!”

Next Month’s Question:

What was the coolest accessory you saw at the PGA Show?