Pro Vision – January 2007

In a golf lesson with a student, what is the first thing you would prioritize?

Of all the areas that we work on with a new student, the first thing I work on is grip. If I could, I would spend the first 5 or 6 lessons just on the grip that is how important I feel it is. Everything about the swing is generated with the grip. I think that Mr. Hogan said it best, "the hands must fit the grip and the hands must work together to allow for a proper golf swing." It is my firm belief that t poor grip produces a poor swing. Please.

Understand, I did not say a poor grip produces a poor golfer. The grip is the basic foundation of the swing and without a proper grip a player really has to manipulate the swing in order for the club to be delivered properly at impact.

would first get to know the student. Getting to know the student opens the door to how you are going to teach them. This also builds a comfortable relationship between the instructor and the student. Learning something new can be very intimidating. Making the student comfortable is the most important beginning. The next important step is to inform the student on how the golf swing works and the dynamics of the entire swing.

The first thing I prioritize in a full swing lesson is the ball position. The overall set up has many factors, all of which are important, but the ball postion must be correct if the student is to learn the proper weight shift, swing sequence, rotation and how to maximize power in the golf swing.

First I find out what the student is here to accomplish from the lesson, why he or she is here.

Ryan Thomas, Head Golf Professional, ChampionsGate Golf Club asks:

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