Pro Vision – February 2007

How does your club create a distinctive golfing experience?

We have a Caddy/Player program that offers our members on weekends and holidays the ultimate Caddy experience. Our caddies are some of the best junior golfers in the state. They are given golf privileges at a top-notch facility and in return they agree to caddy two weekends per month. They must have a strong work ethic for both school and their own golf game in order to qualify. They are trained on both how to caddy and how to treat the members. With their invaluable golf experience, they tend to be excellent caddies, which gives our members the ultimate golf/caddy experience.

Plantation Bay Country Club offers its members 45 holes of golf. This creates different experiences each time you tee it up with your fellow members. With superior service and a friendly atmosphere, Plantation Bay Country Club is truly a distinctive golfing lifestyle.

We carry most of the major brands and the Ashworth Weather System and Tehama Hang ’em Dry are good sellers. I have found some brands do not do what they claim. I like the Ashworth and Tehama shirts that I wear and would recommend them. They perform as the manufacture claims.

Next Month’s Question:

What is the longest hitting club on the market?