Pro Vision – December 2008

Are Tour Professional Golfers Overpaid?

Tour Professionals are definitely not overpaid. Unlike a lot of athletes in other professional sports, a TOUR Professional is only paid what they themselves earn on any given day due to their actual performance. There are no contracts that guarantee payment if you can’t play, or don’t perform well.

Because a player’s income is directly tied to performance and never guaranteed, I think they are not over paid. However the multi-million dollar purses have diluted the product that is the PGA Tour. Upper echelon players compete in fewer events and many will not play more than three consecutive weeks. When Fred Couples won the Players Championship in 1984 it was the richest event on Tour and he earned $144,000. This year Garcia’s win earned him over $1.7 million.

If you add up all of the hours that they worked on their game while not getting paid anything (actually paying instructors and courses), then it will be proven that they are not paid too much. They deserve every penny.

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