Pro Vision – December 2007

Since the advent of the over-sized driver, range finders, and high-performance durable golf ball (i.e. the Pro-V)... what do you see as the next big thing in golf?

Anything seems possible with good marketing, and the golf industry is the master at it. We can sell anything that a golfer is led to believe will improve their game. However in most cases for as far back as I can remember, the number one product that should be the latest craze is still the range ball and a lesson from your PGA Pro. I do think however, we could see, and I would like to see Drivers revert back to a smaller size. Personally I can’t stand bigheaded drivers. Never did!! I feel better golfers have much better control with a driver head that is smaller in size. I will get arguments from the scientists in the lab, but out in the field I see amplified movement and wind resistance because of the large size causing more stray shots in all directions. Also if you look at the wear pattern on a driver face from a player with a 15 Hcp or better, it is usually no bigger than the size of a nickel. There are exceptions of course, and they should have a bigheaded driver. Technology should be able to produce a smaller driver head with as much punch as the enormous heads we now see on the market.

I think they have thought of almost everything, and I still cant play this game. The next innovation will be the micro chipped golf ball. So that when you hit your oversized driver with a jacked up golf ball, and moisture wicking shirt deep into the woods you will be able to find it quickly with your range finder and thus helping to decrease the dreaded pace of play issue.

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