Pro Vision – December 2006

What are some tips to keep pace of play on time at your course?

One of the most helpful things that any golf operation can do to keep pace of play on time is to thoroughly set the guest ’s expectations prior to them ever teeing off on the first hole. All golf operations have several points of contact with their guests prior to the beginning of the golf round. These points of contact include tee time booking, guest check-in, and starter interaction. The guest should be informed at all of these contact points as to the course’s pace of play policy and USGA pace rating. The more repeated information that the guest receives prior to the round, the greater the chance that they will be cognoscente of their pace of play during the round.

Another tip to keep pace of play on time is to ensure that on-course Player Assistants are visiting groups within their first four holes of play. This initial Player Assistant interaction should be cordial and informative; providing the group with their current pace of play in relation to the course ’s pace of play goal. This early interaction lets the guest know that the golf operation is serious about monitoring pace of play and gives the Player Assistant a chance to remedy any pace of play issues before a large number of guests are impacted. Overall, inform early...inform often...and always inform with a smile!

The best way to monitor your pace of play is with a GPS system whereby shop staff can see where all carts are at all times. The 2nd best way is to have a ranger on the course with red, yellow, and green flags. As he drives by a foursome he waves one of them. Green= pace is fine; yellow=warning, pick up pace; red= after two yellows. If you do not pick pace up by the end of this hole, then your foursome must skip the next hole or be removed from the course. This helps eliminate confrontations with a staff employee. A good way to cut down on pace problems at a non-busy private club is to set tee times far apart (12 or 15 minutes).

Harry Zimmerman of Grand Cypress Gold Resort asks:

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