Pro Vision – April 2008

Who will win the Master’s?

Who do I pick for the Masters?
On Master’s Sunday, I believe we may see the “Tiger Tamer”. This is a gentleman who is 5 to 6 strokes back. He wakes up the morning with a fearless attitude with an understanding that he must be patient enough to let his game come to him. This attitude would allow his final round to be about 64. As common on Master Sunday, the rest of the field would be struggling. If this belief is to be a reality, then I think we will see Sean O’Hair in a Green Jacket.

Tiger Woods. Until someone else shows me on a consistent basis that they can compete with him, who else can you pick?

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At this point in Tiger’s career it is almost impossible to bet against him, so I think you have to consider him the favorite to win this years Masters. It seems that even when someone else is leading an event going into the final round as soon as they notice Tiger on the leader board they all fold like a cheap suit! If I had to pick someone other than Tiger (due to illness or something) I would go with Luke Donald as my second pick. He has the game to do well at the Masters and a great imagination. He has also been playing very well in recent weeks and may peak at just the right time. Thanks.

Next Month’s Question:

Chris Karamitsos wants to know... If you could win any one of the four majors, which would it be and why?