Letter From The Publisher – September 2008

Hip Fore The Hype

On occasion I’m blessed with the opportunity of hangin’ with a great group of today’s “yutes”. That may sound a bit sarcastic but I truly feel like I’ve been enlightened on many subjects after playing Taboo for hours (our favorite board game) when my son comes home for a visit. It’s interesting to see the competitive nature of these young men and women. We all want to be the best. A “fist pumping” winner, the low scorer on the course. Let’s admit it winning is always more fun. Seeing young adults and what drives them is always inspiring.

I’m always inviting input and suggestions regarding the content and features from ours readers and supporters, not in a humble way (cause we know how hard that is) but in an improving performance, comment card kinda way. I’ve been most fortunate to attract people with talent and passion of all ages who have believed in and supported our efforts here at the magazine for 9 ½ years. I would like to have more of the “Young Guns” attitude regarding the electronic components of golf media and the female’s passion for playing (now that Golf for Women folded). Why does someone like feeling a magazine versus looking online? What can we do to make it more palatable or more hip with the printed piece as well as the online presence?

With this said… I’m encouraging young men and women between the ages of 18-30 to contact us at www.floridagolfcentral.com with any engaging ideas that would help make us more something, more groovy, more hip, chronic, bad, rad, tight, whatever!!! The best part is... submitting your ideas will give you a chance to WIN free rounds, cool golf stuff (sponsor will be announced on our website) and possibly a position with “the only monthly golf magazine in Florida”, WHOOHOO!!! The articles/ideas MUST be original, have a statewide appeal and a non-destructive, or abrasive slant. We what to grow the game, not the shame, Daly has that handled. I have heard Jay Golden (over the many years) speak of his son Jeff, who played in the OPEN, and how when he was a toddler he hit the ball. I listened; somewhat skeptical thinking a 13 month old couldn’t even grip a club. Now I know Jay was for real because MY Grandson LOVES golf. His Dad Chris, a former golf Pro, showed him how to grip the club and his mother took him to play putt-putt on a recent camping trip, and he’s addicted to it. When he was here visiting he wanted to play on my putting surface for hours…even in the rain, naked. Then I took him (with clothes on) to the course at Tuscawilla. He was beyond excited. He really focuses on hitting the ball, and the more we laugh and cheer (of course I run around jumping up and down screaming when he makes contact) the more he wants. The problem is when he gets on tour he’ll expect the gallery to go nuts and laugh hysterically when he makes a great shot. It could happen, it could.

I’ve been so lucky to have the quality of life I live, have beautiful, healthy, warm-hearted children, and have so much fun building the magazine, The most amazing part is things just seem to get better with every new and exciting adventure. You’re welcome to join us along the way. We’ll be at many of the tournaments in goody bags all over the state throughout the month, so watch for a copy or call and get them for your event. They’re free!