Letter From The Publisher – September 2007

Intoxicating State, Do you feel it?

We see it here even in the heat of the summer, the families, the golf buddies, the couples…golfing together. They are all looking for fun, fun, fun, till your daddy takes your tee box away, or more traditionally thought of as “The American Dream” a vacation in Florida. They come from all over to stick their straws in the sunshine state and suck it for all the fun it has to offer. Sipping and sifting through like a big frothy beverage, getting tipsy on our theme parks, simply giddy at the many water sports available, intoxicated by the beautiful, yet challenging golf links. Lord, I love the lifestyle here!!

One of the other bennies to residing here is that we’re so close to Georgia and the Carolina’s where breathtaking mountain views of titillating leaf changes are just a weekend stay and play away. Take a look at the cover and you’ll want to head north for some crispy fall weather and mountain golf excursions as I always do. Speaking of fun lovin’, the World Am was more fun this year due to the womanality factor. Also, partly due to the fact that I made a brief stop in Greenville, NC for some Tyler sugar, on my way south to Myrtle Beach with our Editor In Chief, the lovely and bloody hilarious Shannon Coates. Talk about ten hours of comic relief…it was more like comic relieving as much as we stopped to visit the facilities. After you’ve arrived it’s very clear the women are running the show here. Annika was especially gracious in her appearance, answering all the participant’s questions regardless of the lame nature. Cheryl Harden from Brandon Advertising was ever so patient in her dealings with the people from the press who helped themselves by ravaging the buffet intended for other VIP’S. Also, chalk this one up for the girls; another woman won the event for the third time in 24 years, congrats to Miss Wang, well done ladies, well done.

I have a personal request…PLEASE be generous when asked to donate, as September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Greg Norman Estates Wine will donate $1.00 per bottle to CureSearch. Look for CureSearch in the signage, case cards and wine neckers. This promotion also offers a tie-in with Connoisseur Cheese and a mail-in offer for a Greg Norman ball cap.

This promotion will run at national retail chains, including Safeway, Albertsons, Krogers, Beverages & More and ABC Fine Wine & Spirits. Visit your local area wine shop to support this partner. An avid supporter of CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation, as well as NCCF Honorary Board member, Greg Norman “the Shark” continues to raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer research.
Thank You In advance.