Letter From The Publisher – October 2007

Feeling Philanthropic

People! People! When you want to read about golf tips, famous golfers, and how manufactures make equipment; there is a magazine and its called Golf Week, Golf Digest, Golf World, and all the other National golf publications. These very slick professional and, well-put together pieces are part of my reading every month. They really can’t focus on the many local charity events that raise money for foundations and organizations around the state. This month alone we are featuring the Orlando Magic Championship, the 4th Annual Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Florida Golf Tournament, The Gavin Fitzgerald Kids Fore Kids Golf Tournament, the Florida Wireless Association Golf Tournament, the First Annual Life of Riley Golf Tournament and the 8th Annual National Special Olympics Tournament.

My staff and I feel extremely fortunate to be in the position to give coverage to such worthy causes, they all need exposure to keep the givers giving. I am, by nature, a very generous person. Maybe to a fault, but you only live once so give it up!!!!!! I never tire of breaking down or being accused of being a big sap, push over, chump (and that’s just the male population). The story I hope you read on page 66 of Little Miss Riley will tug at the hearts of even the coldest of humans. Divorce Attorneys, Sports Agents you know who you are.

We may not look like your run a the mill “die hard golf magazine”, but hopefully when you read this and all the other issues you will see we (as Don Henley sang) “Get down to the heart of the matter.”

Talk about heart… our newest production assistant, Deva (pronounced Day-vah so be nice and do not call her Diva) is a real sweet heart. Tell us about yourself girl:

Hello to all of my new friends!

First of all, I want to say how excited I am to be working with Florida Golf Central Magazine as the new Production Assistant! It has only been a month so I feel that it’s only fair that I give you a little insight as to who I am! I’m what they call a “true Florida cracker”, but I prefer beach bunny since I was born on the East coast in Melbourne, and moved to Sarasota on the West coast when I was three. My name is Deva Brielle, it is Sanskrit and means Divine Goddess. I am the 23-year-old brat child of John Rorer, Owner of Richard’s Whole Foods, and Cynthia O’Donnell, CEO of The East West College of Natural Medicine. As you may already berable to tell, I come from a very alternative lifestyle. I mean, who names their kid Deva? I hated the name growing up, but now it seems to be the cool thing to do by giving your child a “different” name like Apple, or Moxy Crimefighter.

Currently, I am a student at the University of Central Florida studying Event Management at the Rosen School of Hospitality. With about a year left in school I spend a lot of my time studying, volunteering for various philanthropies with my sorority, working out, traveling, and now a proud member of the team here at FGCM. I would like to get into the golf industry more, and get to know how to work golf events and tournaments. I think it is a perfect way to establish myself with events and use my knowledge in networking and planning. I look forward to meeting some, if not all of you, sooner than later!

Thank you all for recognizing the many Charities.

Please join me in the fun and frivolity of Trick or Treating.