Letter From The Publisher – May 2008

Mission Impossible

"Everybody has a mission in life!"

These are the words of a truly inspiring woman, Lorena Ochoa, who won the Ginn OPEN held at the spectacular Reunion Resort, where I had the pleasure of meeting her! I found that not only is she a successful athlete, but she uses her talents and influences to give back to her peeps-mainly through being a benefactor to a school in Mexico, La Barranca. She explains, “It’s the thing that I like most, to reach others and really make a change. This is my mission.” This girl Rock’s!!

The magazine’s mission led me to many exciting experiences, new people, and old friends this past month. I was invited by Holly “G,” as she is known in the industry, to be on “The Forecaddie” radio show in celebration of Florida Golf Central’s nine-year anniversary! Thanks to co-host, Scott Sterner, for the positive comments about the flavor and feel of the magazine. You really get us!

After the show, Shannon and I went to check out the hot live entertainment, and phenomenal appetizers at Chef Stefano’s, in the Bay Hill area…go on a Wednesday you will love the sexy duo.I was able to attend the Masters again this year. What better way to enjoy The Masters than with a private jet as your means of transportation - due to the ever so glamorous Marquis Jet, leader in fractional jet ownership. They were my wonderful host directly across the street from the entrance to Augusta National. Valet parking, comfy leather couches, widescreen TVs and fab’ food and drink! The weather was awesome and I got to see the love of my life, my grandson Tyler, when I left early and took a tiny detour to NC. I know, give me a hard time for dipping out of the Masters early all you want, but it was SO worth it. Grandmotherhood is my new mission.

Speaking of, did you know twenty six of the golfers on the LPGA tour are mothers?! That’s got to be tough to balance! But, when asked, most of the moms replied that although the season is long, it is always rewarding to be able to have both golf and family. The mothers who travel with their families look out for each other and remind themselves that if their competition can do it, they can too. You just have to admire a good mommy’s devotion to fulfilling their mission!

So, I’m hoping May can bring you golfing mothers closer to fulfilling your mission in life! And be sure to attend the Cobalt affair- more info on page 20- and at TPC!