Letter From The Publisher – June 2008

Commitment, Passion, Accomplishment!

These were the words so eloquently spoken by Shelia Johnson, CEO Salamander Hospitality along with her guest Tim Finchem, Commissioner, PGA TOUR; Peter Jones, General Chairman of the Copperhead’s; Brett Craig, President, Transitions Optical; and Dave Cole, Managing Director of the Americas, Australia, New Zealand Transitions Optical, when they announced a four-year title sponsorship that will retain the PGA TOUR event at Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club.

It was very moving to be in the audience, not just to witness Transitions Optical principle’s commitment to the preservation of the Tampa Bay leg of the PGA TOUR Florida Swing, but to feel the positive thrust to the economy, with a passion shown from a local company that does business globally. What an optimistic message to the Tampa Bay area and PGA TOUR community. See… companies still support tournaments and understand the commitment to pony up to keep the economy moving forward. Now that’s one heck of a stimulus check. In the upcoming issues you will learn more about the people behind Transitions Optical, and their passion and commitment to educate consumers about the importance of healthy site.

In the last 6 years FGCM has made many transitions, (what a segue) from the original piece we published nine years ago. The increased number of pages, quality of paper, binding, and overall content, were accomplished mostly by the passion, commitment, and fun-loving efforts of our Editor-in-Chief, Shannon Coates. This month marks the 6th year that we all have endured, no enjoyed, the comedy workings of this extremely committed, sharp young woman. Her most amazing accomplishment, pictured above, is her daughter Madison who has modeled in the past for USKIDS. “Maddy” is a spunky, well rounded kindergartner; who loves all kinds of sports, including golf, go figure she practically grew up in this office.