Letter From The Publisher – June 2007

When I was growing up (technically, still am) June meant wonderful things. The most important was that school was out and at sometime during the summer we would take a family vacation. I think it is safe to say that not a year went by that my Mom, Dad, Sister and I would go somewhere in Florida for at least a week. Usually camping in our air-conditioned camper (we didn’t have air in our house in West Palm Beach). Our major hit was Disney, but there were other memorable spots such as St. Augustine, Cocoa Beach (I remember Ron Jon Surf Shop as a one room store), Kennedy Space Center, Sanibel Island and the Peace River. I am sure I am missing 20 others, but you get the picture.

Now, I am a mother and my husband and I try to take Madison on a vacation every summer. We are not as creative due to the fact that I grew up on the beaches of South Florida and Kenny (the aforementioned husband) grew up on the beaches of the Sun Coast (other side for those of you that don’t know). This makes us miss the salt water and sand, which usually makes our vacations beachside somewhere in our state.

June also brings lower rates for Florida residents on just about everything, including golf. As we bid our snowbird friends adieu, we as residents must tip our hats to the cheaper (some drastically cheaper) rates on tee times, spa treatments, resort rooms, etc. All of which we can enjoy more due to the long daylight hours. I almost forgot…Father’s Day is June 17th; so don’t forget to thank your Daddy’s or other peoples Daddy’s.

Have a great summer, see you at the beach!