Letter From The Publisher – July 2009

Karma For The Course

I was listening to the radio the other day and when the song Instant Karma from John Lennon came on and I started singing along, “What on earth you tryin’ to do? Its up to you, yeah you…” Now Lennon wasn’t the only one who sang about Karma. Alicia Keys, Journey, Radiohead, Tears for Fears, Warren Zevon and many others all had popular songs about Karma. And who can forget that ever-popular song from Culture Club back in 1983 titled Karma Chameleon? Well actually I’d like to forget it…but being a mere four-year-old back then the lyrics resonated in my head forever. Or maybe I was five…whatever… never ask a woman her age.

Every time I’ve play a round of golf with friends, since hearing that song, I have to wonder if it’s not karma that impacts my game. If I hit a great tee shot or drill a 22’ putt from the fringe then I know I deserved it!! Yet one of the very few times when I’ve sliced a shot into the deep rough or miss a three footer I have to ask whom did I offend? Many have said golf is a game that is 90% skill, and 10% luck. I beg to differ. It’s more like 50% skill, 25% luck, and 25% karma. Now even if my karma were perfect, which it isn’t, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with Phil, Tiger, Lorena or Carrie. But I’m wondering if my karma were better how would my game improve? And, more importantly, what do I need to do to improve my karma?

We all get those emails that tell us that we need to forward them on to 5-10 of our best friends or the “good will” or karma will have hit a brick wall and I will be to blame for it. Maybe it is those emails that I don’t forward on that wreak havoc on my golf game?! If I do forward them on and my friends don’t, am I damaging their karma, or at the very least their next round of golf. I certainly hope not.

Karma and luck are certainly two components of life that have two sides – good and bad. I’ve been blessed with 7 years of good karma and luck to have Shannon Coates working with me and the publication. This past April the magazine celebrated its’ 10th anniversary, and for 7 of those 10 years Shannon has been an instrumental part of bringing you the “only monthly, glossy, regional golf publication in the State of Florida”. Through the years we have persevered, and I know that it is with Shannon’s camaraderie and commitment that we have enjoyed the growth and success you see every month. Thanks Shannon and Happy 7th Anniversary!

Karma can be a tad too complex for this simple mind, so instead of dealing with karma I think I will just ask the Higher Power for a few extra Mulligans or Finnegans and both my game and my life will no doubt improve. My life isn’t too shabby now especially with my grandbabies in it, but my game is another story…If I had time to play more, I have no doubt that my game would improve. Here’s wishing you good karma, good luck and good golf!