Letter From The Publisher – July 2008

Glass Half Full

In this month’s issue you will discover some pretty fab do-gooders, including some well-known celebs playing to help others through charity events. And, as always, through these examples I have realized once again that life can be compared to a great round of golf. You may also encounter those out on the course who always seem to be unsatisfied: If they so much as three putt they throw a little tantrum, frustrating the rest of the foursome, and seem to only be disappointed when good shots aren’t better. Then there are those of us who come out with the intention of enjoying the game, whatever the score. They take the “could have been better” shots with the awesome ones, and when a poor shot is made it’s all good! Never once do these golfers take their stresses out on golf clubs or innocent playing partners. I for one am proud to say I am one of those players. They live life to the fullest, making the most out of each round because they know that “the game” is too short to finish unhappily…and they are the true winners in the end! On a recent trip to Tahoe I met a new lifelong friend who shares the same philosophy: Nick’s a fellow publisher from VA, who loves the golf biz, and was the