Letter From The Publisher – July 2007

There's Something About Mary

I would like to pose this ongoing question, do any of you truly think it takes a low handicap to promote or share the golfing lifestyle? Now you may be saying to yourself it sure would make things much better if you “got skills”. It has been my experience that in the big scheme of things it takes a little more than skill, when trying to benefit from the exposure given to our readers. To enjoy the golf lifestyle, it takes passion and consistency, and to find that combo in one individual is uplifting. We are all looking for something special in everyone-for one reason or another. Well I’ll have to admit after eight and a half years I have found her, yes her! I know what you’re thinking and not that there’s anything wrong with that, but what I’m referring to is Mary Johnson, our five foot two power packed Regional Editorial Executive-there is “Something About Mary”.

She has that special something, maybe it is the laughter in her talk, or her energy and fireball attitude, that I think is just plain moxie. Mary has been in the custom pool business on the West Coast for a number of years and brings that creative aspect and vision that aids her clients in their message to our readers. We have had some fun and positive feedback on her hard work and wacky personality. She’s one of us for sure. I was sooo proud when someone compared her tenacity to my own- as a matter of fact; it brought tears to my eyes. She definitely brings that something special to the team!

Speaking of members of the team, the Golden Boys were a hit at the US Open. Our own Jay Golden caddied for his son, Jeff Golden, whom I have watched grow into a fine young man over the past eight years. Talk about a Golden Moment– check them out on pg. 22. Pulte Homes brought their “something special to the community” by raising $100,000 for local charities– how inspiring…(pg. 26). I also want to send out a special thanks to Ron Garl, our Leader on the Links (pg 34) and long time supporter of Florida Golf Central.
Most of all I just want to say to all of our faithful, avid readers you are all truly something special to me!!!