Letter From The Publisher – January 2009

Align In '09

Nearly a decade has passed and every month we continue to align ourselves with the finest golf groups, associations, charities, and other motivated movers and shakers. For years we’ve dedicated pages to the FSGA, North and South Florida PGAs, Executive Women’s Golf Association, Club Managers Association of America, Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, Golf Course Superintendents Association, American Jr. Golf Association…you get my drift. The muckity mucks, “the Playa’s” if you will, of golf here in the “Golf Capital of the World”.

These along with different charities, and other members of golf media are what feed our editorial ideas and make for so many heart warming, news worthy and notable features every month. These articles make up at LEAST half of the magazine’s overall golf coverage all year long. My staff and I have tremendous passion for the celebrity charity tournaments and memorial events that raise money and awareness via the game. This is the reason we’ve been branded as “The Philanthropic Golf Publication.” We have three pro football teams, two basketball teams and 5 major colleges that all host their own fundraising golf events to help a needy group of some kind. This is always good meat for the pie.

When you take a look at the past 10 years and try to pick a word that best fits our mission here in Florida, I think you can comfortably say “comfortable”. My goal to take the intimidation factor out of golf for the masses will hopefully be “Redefined in ‘09”. We want ladies and gentlemen of all ages sharing this amazing sport with each other- having fun, competing, raising money, awareness, or just possibly learning something about yourself while in beautiful surroundings. Think about golf as the Snapple of life enjoy the drink and learn something at the same time. Maybe “Too Sublime for ‘09?”

In ‘99 I stepped into the game (of golf publishing) and my life will never be the same. I feel so lucky that I rarely complain. Our style is genuine “home town” reading, much like the local news I grew up reading.

This year I am going to make a conscious effort to align myself with people who have meaning and purpose in their lives and hopefully enhance theirs as well. I want to thank each and every person that has contributed, supported, and stood by us through the tough times. Especially my bookkeeper of 11 years for her undying faith and havin’ my back in 08. Thanks Deb for believing all these years. Let’s Shine in ’09!