Letter From The Publisher – February 2008

Put A Little Love

February in Florida exudes a warm feeling, mostly because of the mild temps, but the focus on Valentine’s Day fills the air with love. Sometimes I wish I could just sing the lyrics to songs in my letter, and I usually find related subject matter. This month, I’m able to apply lyrics of my favorite song “Put a little love in your heart” by Marcia Griffiths. “Think of your fellow man lend him a helping hand.” Come on if that doesn’t resonate love and sense of understanding. After all February is National Heart Month, Black History Month, and Valentine’s Day!

Publishing for almost 9 years, I’m confident when I say that this issue is one of my favorite because of our celebrity corner feature, and my most recent hero Lou Holtz a motivational speaker / sports commentator; check it out page 18. It is one of Dennis James’ best! The New Year is filled with so much hype, but we tend to need a motivational kick when it comes to February. I love all his inspiring quotes, but this one specifically “If you’re always trying to get even, you’ll never be ahead.” “Take a good look around, and if you’re looking down, put a little love in your heart.”

That quote is so empowering, and so true. Black history may not be recognized if it weren’t for those who worked to elevate themselves and change the future of sports, politics, and society’s perception. It makes me proud to know that we are trying to understand one another and working together to let “the world know, we won’t let hatred grow, put a little love in your heart.”

Aside from Lou, I’m also proud of our “Berry” nice Golf Bachelor Chris, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Arnold Palmer dedication at PGA National, last month. Photo op above. Here at FGCM, we appreciate people who are humble and genuine, and that explains Chris Berry to a “tee”. It makes us feel good when we receive appreciative phone calls, thank you cards, or the occasional Valentine. “I hope when you decide, kindness will be your guide, put a little love in your heart”.

The more humble a person is, the more impressed people are, and the more respect they have for that individual. Hopefully most of you are familiar with Kathy Harbin, General Manager of King & Bear, and Slammer & Squire at The World Golf Village. Kathy has significantly influenced the golf industry in Florida, and has received numerous deserving awards. I was particularly impressed when she turned down an article about her because she would rather inform readers about the “Growing The Game Initiative”. It’s not often when you find someone who would selflessly high light the growth of the game instead of his or her own recognition! So in this month of honor, and love I’d like to say “Put a little love in your heart and the world will be a better place”
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