Letter From The Publisher – February 2007

We Just Wanna Have Fun

As a rule I don't use this space to talk about the philosophy of ball striking or the mechanics of manufacturing new equipment, mainly because I am not qualified to do my readers' justice on these matters.

I love to play and enjoy a round even more when i hit good shots. I have contended all along my score is not that important to me, but the course condition, and a well dressed playing partner with "fun values", and good etiquette is always a plus.

Team Tripp, the Big Weiners at the Birdie Bash

The "fun value" is different for everyone. Most of the lower handicappers enjoy the betting games and their consistent low scores. But, for the FGCM crowd it usually involves adult beverages and making fun of others in their foursome. They know it's all about a good time and the beautiful landscape the game is played on.

Which brings me to my point: we have THE MOST FUN people come back time after time to play in our events. Our Annual Birdie Bash was held at the pristine LPGA International Legends course, MAN does that staff know how to put on an event! We've hosted golf outings for eight years and I've never been so impressed with the organization and upbeat attitudes (even after we changed our teams around at last minute) of a tournament staff. These people made it fun for Shannon and I through the normal stress associated with an outing, from the moment we arrived. They had a PA system with hip music playing as our guests arrived and found their carts. That one element set the tone for a fun time at the beginning of a great day. The atmosphere, the fabulous food, and the upbeat people, made for a carefree & successful outing!

I would also like to mention Leaderboard Tournament Systems, Mike Becks and Tome Giles. When you choose to enhance an event with this first class scoring and advertising system you will impress your players beyond your expectations, "Those Guys Are Good" and we love them. Even you Mike, LOL.

Thank You All for coming out and those who help make it the "Grooviest ever".

- Keeping The Buzz on Golf, The Queen Bee