Letter From The Publisher – April 2008

Fun Loving Support

As the result of publishing FGCM for the past 9 years I have had the pleasure of meeting some pretty awesome people from all over the world. I’ve met some of the most genuine folks right here in FL. The perfect example of a charming couple is my friends Dick and Donna Miller. Not only are they adorable together but also after 37 faithful years of marriage, they still have loads of fun together and respectfully look out for each other. Dick’s tall, handsome and with an athletic build, and she’s a stunning, petite lady who is always perfectly coiffed. Not too shabby for a couple in there 80’s.

Since their retirement in 1980 they have been active members of Tuscawilla Country Club. They’re also part of a group of regular Friday night cocktailers who meet at the club and catch up on the week’s golf stories. We are all blessed with their fun loving up beat attitudes, but on a personal note Dick has always been a loyal reader, and supporter since our first issue. Dick said, “My favorite part about your magazine is the ads, you have some great advertisements!” I’m sure he also meant to say my letter, but I’ll let it slide. It makes me proud that a veteran ad sales dude is so enthusiastic about the ad campaigns and offers we publish. Thanks to the Millers, our loyal readers, and the support of the team I enlisted so many years ago. I truly appreciate every one of you.

They say time flies when you’re having fun. Well my life must be hilarious because there is no way I am the senior member of Terrie’s staff and we are celebrating 9 years of FGCM. One day I was getting my gold watch from Disney World in 1997 and the next thing you know Shannon is reminding me to get my April 2008 Live Golf article finished.

FGCM is a magazine about people. People who happen to have a common bond – Golf! It has been my great privilege to write about golf course maintenance topics and the people who work mostly in the background to enhance your enjoyment of the game. I hope you have learned a little what we do on the course and about us as a fraternity of greenkeepers who respect the environment.

So Terrie, Happy 9th Anniversary and thanks for the opportunity to literally tell “grass roots” stories to our readers so they can appreciate the issues we face and the work we do on behalf of Florida’s golfers.

Joel Jackson, CGCS Retired
Executive Director
Florida GCSA

Dear Terrie: Congrats! from someone who was there and helped get the first FGCM edition rolling. Your persistence, patience and awareness of today’s Florida golfer has delivered a prized monthly publication golfers and non-golfers can appreciate. Happy 9th anniversary.

All the best,
Ron (Golf is our Game) Heller