Letter From The Publish – August 2007

Love at 1st Site

It seems like yesterday that I was running around, acting like a crazy teenager, partying and having fun. Oh yeah, excuse me…that was esterday, but I’m a mature grandmother now; and it is the most natural love I’ve ever felt. My beautiful daughter Tonyia had a baby boy and I fell in love instantly, crying and in awe of his need for my daughter’s affection.

Tyler Christopher Fulghum was born July 18th at 6:05 PM weighing in at 7lbs 13oz and 19” long with a full head of auburnish hair, and little baby ears, thank goodness.

I was there in Greenville, NC awaiting his arrival for two weeks and a day, and even with all the anticipation had a very tranquil bonding time with my daughter. She said it probably was the best quality time we spent since she had left home. It was the most amazing heart-warming experience I’ve ever felt I will never forget the overwhelming emotions; only loving grandparents can truly relate.

You may see a North Carolina Golf Central soon, (just kiddin’ Shannon).

Enough of that nonsense, I always hope that our reading audience appreciates me sharing my personal experiences (I actually have had positive feed back). None-the-less we try hard to cover a variety of golf events and functions as well as some that just revolve around the golf lifestyle.

Feeling better having that disclaimer, I was invited to Cooperstown, NY for the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. It was my fourth visit to Cooperstown and I will have to admit that in all my travels it is one of the most “Mayberry RFD” kinda’ places I’ve ever embarked on. It is quaint, small town charm, meets FuFu resort and traditional Main Street ambience all in one. They call it The Village of Cooperstown. My boyfriend Keith Kraham lives on the fifth green at the Leatherstocking Golf Course at the historic Otesaga Resort. It sits on the bank of the pristine Otsego Lake and we played the course Friday before Hall Of Fame weekend and, of course, were stalked like celebrities (thanks to Keith’s striking good looks and jock like build) by the baseball fans trying to catch a glimpse of their favorite players. Later, down on Main Street, we had a bite at Doubleday Café and spotted a couple of fun lovin’ souls sitting on one of the many benches on the tree lined blvd. We made a move to go chat with these gents, sports agent Tim O’Neil and famous third baseman Graig Nettles. Keith, being a local, suggested we head over to his friend “CB’S Cooley’s Pub for some adult beverages. This is where we ran into one of the all time great relief pitchers Goose Gossage. He was in town signing autographs and jumped behind the bar to pour brewskies.

Well… the rumor is he will be in The Hall next year. He has my vote!

See you there!