Golf Bachelor – February 2007

Derrick McBride

Where are you from?
St. Louis, Missouri

How old are you?

What do you do to make money?

What, besides golf, do you do for fun?
I love to bowl, go to the beach, and play basketball

Tell us about your ideal woman?
Attractive, witty, smart, loves to have fun, a good sense of humor, confident, and knows how to treat a man …

Tell everyone about your first kiss.
Will never forget it…. 5th grade with Erica Starks…on the playground…everything is a blur and rockets!

Who is the most beautiful person you know, inside and out?
Two people…My Mom and Dad…they are without a doubt my heroes and the most people that you will ever meet!

What do you find to be the most annoying habit people have?
Not thinking of others

Name the three most important things to you in this world.
My faith, my family, my sanity!

What do you fear the most?
Close tie…heights and failure!

What three people would you like to play with in your fantasy golf foursome?
My buddies… Matt, Leon, and Tiger.

Choose one of the following:
2. Pamela Anderson, Cameron Diaz, Faith Hill, Diane Sawyer
3. Beach, City, Mountains, Suburbs
4. SUV, Convertible, Sedan, Pickup
5. Wine, Beer, Mixed Drink, Water