Golf Bachelor – December 2006

John Tuell

Where are you from?
Lexington, Kentucky

When is your birthday?
October 8, 1957

What do you do to make money?
I do land acquisition for a national homebuilder. It’s the best and most rewarding job I can imagine! I get to spend other people’s money to make other people money, which makes everybody happy!

What, besides golf, do you do for fun?
Travel, travel and travel. Whether it be for vacation or sporting events. Love the Carribean (since it ’s so close and easy to access). Enjoy the atmosphere of large events like the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby (of course!), Indy 500, Daytona 500 etc.
I love politics and follow them closely since someone else is making decisions on how my money is spent.
Swimming. Boating. Typical Florida activities.

Tell us about your ideal woman?
Wow. She’s smart, honest, loyal, witty, affectionate and has integrity. She still has a lot of little girl in her. She ’s beautiful inside and out, and loves to reciprocate being spoiled and pampered. Pretty simple, huh?

How often do you date?
Not often! Sadly, I just can’t seem to find the “ideal” lady and I’m not a serial dater. I’d rather be a fifth wheel with friends that are a couple than with the wrong date.

What is your perfect date?
December 25 because people bring me gifts and send me cards.
Oh, that’s not what you wanted? That’s unfair! Is it for one night or a week? It depends on the lady and her likes and dislikes. If you make her happy, it ’s perfect. Whisking her away for a week to a resort (and the amenities that go with it) with no phones would be my idea of perfection.

What do you find to be the most annoying habit people have?
Passing gas in an elevator. Name three movie stars you would like to go on a date with.
Sandra Bullock to see if she’s as wholesome as portrayed, Reese Witherspoon to see if she’s really my cousin (her last name is my middle name) and , if I could, Katherine Hepburn to see what her real schtick was.

Choose one of the following:
2. Pamela Anderson, Cameron Diaz, Faith Hill, Diane Sawyer-(Because she's a fellow Kentuckian)
3. Beach, City, Mountains, Suburbs
4. SUV, Convertible, Sedan, Pickup
5. Wine, Beer, Mixed Drink, Water