Cover Feature – November 2007

Got Back Pain? LSI Can Help

If the rigors of your occupation, a lifetime of back straining sports or the lingering toll from an accident has resulted in chronic back or neck problems, Laser Spine Institute (LSI) may be the solution to your painful symptoms. LSI is a state-of-the-art, outpatient spine surgery center specializing in alleviating back and neck pain. With Chief Spine Surgeon, Dr. James St. Louis’s expertise and leadership, Laser Spine Institute has become the forefront of these advanced methods for the neck and back.
The endoscopic spine surgery at Laser Spine Institute is gentle enough for a local anesthetic. In conjunction with a light sedation, patients are relaxed and comfortable through the minimally invasive procedures. Other benefits of receiving this minimally invasive spine surgery includes little, if any scar tissue build-up, an outpatient approach, nominal recovery time, and a much higher success rate compared to traditional open back and neck procedures.
The surgeons at Laser Spine Institute are having great success in performing these outpatient, laser-assisted spine procedures. Painful symptoms that are related to pinched nerves, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, spinal and foraminal stenosis, spinal arthritis, bone spurs, scar tissue and failed open back or neck surgery can all be relieved through this advanced technique.

Laser Spine Institute is the premier health care provider for minimally invasive spine surgery, providing the finest and most effective care available in medicine today. Offering this modern approach to chronic neck and back pain, LSI encourages patients to find out if they are a candidate for this type of procedure. The medical director or a board certified physician will determine candidacy and suggest a course of action upon review of your most recent MRI reports. By simply mailing or faxing this information to the MRI coordinator, one of the experienced staff members will call you to discuss findings and recommendations.
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