Cover Feature – May 2008

Harmony Pointe Greens

You have probably heard the old golf adage “drive for show & putt for dough”. Wouldn’t it be logical to invest more time and money in the short game? Let me tell you about a product that can improve your short game and enhance the value of your home.
Jeff Hartson is the owner of Harmony Pointe Greens, the authorized distributor of SofTrak greens, playgrounds and lawns in Central and NE Florida. With a love of golf, he decided to build his personal par 3 complex called the “Marsh Course” on the Gulf of Mexico. In his effort to find the best product for his own course, he checked out the other companies in the artificial turf business along with their respective brands. He found that no one really took the time to meet with the customers and provide them the significant professional design assistance. After finding the top quality product, SofTrak, for his own use, he realized there was an opportunity for a business that provided a more thoughtful experience. Jeff understands the need for expert advice, design, proper permitting and professional installation when purchasing a top quality putting green because of his own personal experience.
Harmony Pointe Greens uses designs from Terry LaGree, golf and landscape architect from Barbaron, Inc., (www. a leader in golf course design, consulting and construction. Terry’s countless designs and construction projects include the Diamond Player Club, Black Diamond Ranch here in Florida and the Jack Frost National in north east Pennsylvania.
Jeff and Terry work together to give the customer a design of the type of practice facility that best fits their needs. They provide customers with a scaled diagram that is refined with the customer and becomes part of their contract, ensuring the customer knows what they are getting. It’s like having Fazio come to your house and design your own personal space for golf. Harmony Pointe Green’s methodology is simple-- Understand, Design, Refine, Agree and Deliver. When asked about this Jeff’s reply was, There is an installer mentality when delivering a green to a customer and there is a designer mentality. Since the installers don’t install to a specific design, more often than not, a less interesting golf and practice experience results. Holes are placed without consideration for interesting slopes and alternative chipping areas and proper drainage rarely gets addressed. The key is to marry the two processes together. Only the best putting greens and complexes have both. However, Harmony Pointe Green’s level of service isn’t beyond the price range of the average project and is very competitive. “My project came in 20% below the closest competitor’s bid and Harmony Pointe provided a great design, and green which included a 150 ft drainage system,” said Tom Henry, a very satisfied HPG customer. “The other vendors didn’t address design or drainage.”
Harmony Pointe, Barbaron and SofTrak have collaborated on several projects including Harmony Pointe’s “Marsh Course”
and Chris DiMarco’s personal golf complex. A 3rd collaboration you can easily visit to see what a beautiful green complex looks like is at the “2008 Orlando Street of Dreams.” For more information go to or to see how you may qualify for a free pass to the event that runs from May 10th to June 22nd visit
Another Harmony Pointe alliance provides top level instruction to customers. Harmony Pointe Green’s customers will receive 2 lessons from Golf Digest Top 50 teacher and Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, John Elliott Jr. John teaches at Golden Ocala during winters and at St Andrews in Chicago during summers. Jeff feels strongly about practicing proper technique to enable improvement and has studied with John for 7 years.
The exciting feature of a SofTrak green is the ability to receive shots from 200 yards out and provide a true roll, just like you were on your own course. It’s this quality that makes SofTrak more than a putting green, it is a short game training system. Find out why PGA players like Rich Beem, Steve Flesch, Fred Couples, and Chris DiMarco use SofTrak greens system. Champions Tour Player Bruce Lietzke says, “My SofTrak green not only accepts shots and spins them, but it looks great and is easy to maintain”. Do you get the Pointe?
Contact Jeff Hartson at 352-795-3195 or