Cover Feature – March 2009

PGA Tour Pro Brian Gay, started using the ChalkLine Putter Bracket in 2008, the same year he jumped from 86th place to 31st on the PGA Tour Money list. He also won his first tournament in ‘08 and has finished in the top 20 five times this year.

As the PGA Tour continues its annual Florida Swing, University of Florida alumni and Windermere resident Brian Gay looks to use that “home field” advantage to improve upon his streak of Top 20 finishes. Gay has finished in the Top 20 five times this season with two Top 10s and a fifth place finish at the Sony Open marking his best to date.

After a successful collegiate career that saw his Gators win the Southeastern Conference championship all four years and the National Championship his junior year, it took Gay a while before he was able to transfer that success on to the professional circuit. After qualifying for the PGA Tour in 1999, Gay finished second to Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods in separate events before finally posting his first Tour win at the 2008 Mayakoba Golf Classic. That’s also the same year he started training with Conway Golf’s Brian Gay’s ChalkLine Putter Bracket and he jumped from 86th place to 31st on the PGA Tour Money list by the end of the 2008 season. He ranks 20th so far this season.
“I’ve been a good putter for a long time, but this product really focuses on the short putts and dialing in the alignment,” said Gay. “Within four feet speed is not as big of a factor as alignment.”

The bracket fits any putter and adjusts to your height and position. It works well with short to long putters and you can practice with it on the green or your carpet at home. It comes with a dry line that you can run from the center of the hole to the ball.

“Using the Brian Gay’s ChalkLine Putter Bracket trains your eyes to see the chalk line system and builds your confidence for more aggressive putting,” said John Conway, Brian Gay’s ChalkLine Putter Bracket Inventor and President of Conway Golf. “The system also helps square the face of the putter at set up and creates the proper foot placement to form a framing square alignment.”

After you have been training with the Brian Gay’s ChalkLine Putter Bracket and you are consistently making four-foot putts, the next step is to remove the bracket and continue practicing with the line only. This will train your eyes to vision the straight line every time. You will automatically develop hand/eye coordination for four-foot putts every time that will save you two to three strokes every round on the greens.

“Being a general contractor for 32 years, reading breaks and putting has always been the easiest part of the game for me especially inside of four feet,” said Conway, a single-digit golfer. “My secret is that I am able to envision a chalk line on the green from the ball to the center of the cup. When I set my putter down it is always 90 degrees of the center of my chest … just like a framing square perpendicular to the hole.”
Conway said that he decided to design something for the putter that could help align the putter to the hole and help train your eyes to see the line from the ball to the center of the hole just like he envisioned each time he would putt. After experimenting with a few variations of the product, he came up with the Brian Gay’s ChalkLine Putter Bracket.

The putter bracket is gaining recognition by some of the top instructors in the industry.

“This Brian Gay’s ChalkLine Putter Bracket is simple, just clip it on, line it up and make the putt,” said Rick Barry, Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teaching Pro who has been using the system for two years at the Sea Pines Resort in Hilton Head Island, S.C. “This putting system will train you to no longer worry about missing short putts, raise your confidence, and drop your handicap at least two to three strokes.”

Statistics show that more than 60 percent of golfers miss putts within four feet.

“This is a product that anybody can pick up and make them a better putter,” said Gay. “If you want to make more putts and lower your handicap, you’ve got to give this thing a try it’s that simple. There are a lot of other training aids that cost from $40-$60 for the price, you just can’t beat the value of the Brian Gay’s ChalkLine Putter Bracket.” The Brian Gay’s ChalkLine Putter Bracket retails for $19.99 plus shipping and handling. For more information or to order call 866-910-4477 or visit Conway Golf online at