Cover Feature – December 2008

At your last golf lesson you were consistently crushing the ball off the tee driving it at least 15 more yards with every swing. No hooking, no slicing, just an effortless swing. But now duplicating that without the golf pro around is a different story. You can’t remember exactly what the instructor showed you that got you ripping it like Long John Daly. If only you had the instructor there with you.

Now with the help of PortaPro Video you can review your golf lessons right at home. The PortaPro Video system is the only mobile video golf system that is fully integrated into the golf cart and records clear video and audio on the cart. Upon completion of a lesson or round you can burn a professional quality DVD with the push of a button.

With the PortaPro Video system, a teaching pro simply faces the cart in the direction of the action, sets the parking brake, and begins the lesson. No wasted time setting up a cumbersome tripod or messing around with remote systems. PortaPro Video is simple and hands-free.
The PortaPro Video’s 360-degree rotational bullet camera has a 3.6mm lens that delivers a clear video (ultra high 470 line resolution) and records a full frame shot from 12-15 feet away. The wireless microphone captures the instructor’s audio. The handsfree system allows the teaching professional to observe, analyze and interact with a student during a playing lesson and can also be used in traditional teaching settings such as driving ranges and practice green. After the lesson is over, the pro can immediately burn the lesson to a DVD on the cart and hand the student the DVD to take home.

“The PortaPro Video is a significant teaching innovation,” said Ben Alexander, Award-Winning PGA Teacher at the Poppy Hills Golf Course in Pebble Beach, Calif. “At the end of the lesson, the instructor can review what was covered and what the student needs to work on between lessons. It’s all recorded onto the DVD. This is a must for teaching pros because students expect the best and this is by far the best video technology on the market. PortaPro Video has dramatically improved the effectiveness of my instruction.”
In addition to providing the student with a permanent record of the lesson, the DVD can be reused to record subsequent lessons giving the student a video library of all the lessons. This allows the student to track his/her progress and also gives the student the ability to correct any bad habits that may start to creep back into the swing.

“I’ve also found the PortaPro Video system to be extremely effective in giving playing lessons,” says Alexander. “It used to be that taping a playing lesson was cumbersome at best. Now, with the video system installed on the cart, we can have a record of the lesson and still maintain a smooth pace of play. It’s just another way that PortaPro makes our instruction extremely more effective.”
Recording lessons is just one of the benefi ts of the PortaPro Video, it can also be used for tournaments and outings as well as capturing that memorable round on your dream golf vacation or ultimate golf getaway. Even superintendents can use PortaPro for course surveillance.

For tournaments and outings, set up a PortaPro Video on a signature Par 3 and capture all the action. Participants can receive a DVD right on the spot or an edited “tournament version” following the event. Courses and resorts benefi t by having the ability to customize the DVD cover and include a promotional message. PortaPro is a nice amenity to offer a tournament director when searching and deciding on a potential site to host and event.

“In the past, golf facilities hosting an outing particularly with a valuable hole-in-one prize have had to dedicate a person to sit by the green to witness the winning shot,” said Scott Sterner PortaPro Video’s National Sales Manager. “Now using a PortaPro Video system the course has a permanent recording of the winning shot. “You can also park a cart equipped with the PortaPro Video system on a tee and generate a DVD which can be played at the post-round party. PortaPro adds a lot to the quality of any outing.” The PortaPro Video system is also a consumer friendly revenue opportunity for golf courses and resorts. It can be used to capture dramatic full color video of both the golfer and the surrounding beauty of the course’s features and landscapes.
“As a former club pro, it was my responsibility to fi nd the best new products and services for golfers that my budget would allow, Sterner said. “Finding a product like PortaPro that players love, provides that extra customer service and generates revenue for the course is a nobrainer especially right now in today’s economy.”

Florida golfers can expect to see the PortaPro Video system on carts at courses in the Orlando area in the near future.

“With the amount of beautiful courses in Florida that host tournaments all year long, it should be a hotbed for PortaPro Video carts,” said Sterner. “PortaPro Video systems provide a unique customer service asset and a moneymaking opportunity that courses and resorts can’t afford to pass up.”
If you’re looking for the ultimate golf accessory for your cart, PortaPro Video is available for consumers. Go online to