Cover Feature – April 2008

Can your GPS system do this?

You know the green is just over the rise, but beyond that you’re guessing at the approximate distance of this critical shot. You think the bunker is guarding the right side of the green, or does it run the width of the green. This doubt alone hurts your chances of taking a good swing and executing your shot properly. Starting the round with a double bogey really puts a damper on the day. Wouldn’t it be easier to look on your handheld distance measuring device and see the entire hole with distances not only to the hole, but to the bunker and to the back of the green? Wouldn’t it be even better if you could preview each hole before you play with a video flyover, just like a televised broadcasts of big tournaments? And better yet, wouldn’t it be better ifyou could measure to anything
you could measure to anything on the course with a few clicks of a button? With the uPro GPS, you can. The uPro – touted as the Apple iPhone of golf GPS at the 2008 PGA Show - hits retail stores this month. The uPro is so visually and technologically advanced, it outperforms every GPS on the market. It’s intuitive and user friendly design makes it the ultimate game improvement device.
“It was our goal to develop an electronic distance measuring device that will give a golfer all the necessary information he or she needs to confidently pick the right club for a shot and remove any doubt so he or she can make their best swing,” explains uPlay Co-Founder and President Joseph Balardeta.
The unique patent-pending features of the uPro set it apart from other distance measuring devices. Some of those features include: captivating aerial photography displayed on a hi-resolution color screen, video flyovers, super fast GPS locking, laser-like capabilities, a thin and sleek profile, no membership fees, and patent pending technology designed to improve your game. The uPro also requires no special software and offers thousands of courses nationwide.
All of the unique features of the uPro will not only enhance your experience, but make the game more enjoyable. “The uPro will set a whole new standard for GPS products,” saysBalardeta. “We believe the uPro’s breakthrough design and technology will help improve anyone’s game.”
Being able to know the correct and accurate distance to any point on the hole is a critical part of the game. When you know what the distances are, you can effectively strategize your game. Whether you need to carry past a fairway bunker, cross a hazard, or determine what an effective layup distance is, the information is all sitting in the palm of your hand.
The uPro has two different modes, BasicMode™ and Pro- Mode™. BasicMode will give you all the basic functionality similar to other hand-held GPS devices on the market. Distances are displayed with clear easy to understand graphics and aerial photography. Users are shown the distance to the front, back, and center of the green while hazards are displayed in sequential order with distances shown to the front and back of each one.
“The uPro was developed with the objective in mind to allow golfers to see the game and course from a whole new perspective,” says Balardeta confidently. “Our advanced features in ProMode, is part of what makes the uPro unlike any other golf GPS device on the market.” The uPro’s patent pending technology in ProMode, features advanced usability you won’t find in any other device. Aside from the other unique features, such as aerial photography, a thin and sleek design, and no membership fees, ProMode is truly an innovation in the golf GPS market. ProMode encompasses SmartView™, AnyPoint™, and video flyovers. SmartView generates three custom views based on your current location on the course. These views will continue to update as you move about the course, always providing you with the correct and pertinent distances. Any- Point gives you the ability to measure to anything on the course; it has the benefits of a laser rangefinder, without the line of sight restrictions. Planning a layup shot has never been easier with the use of AnyPoint. Video flyovers featuring hi-resolution aerial photography allow you to see the layout of each hole before you play. The flyover plays at the beginning of each hole, but can also be replayed at any time during play, allowing you to optimize your strategy.