Cart Girl – November 2008

Carrie Lorenz

Where are you from? Where did you grow up?
I am from the Sunshine State. I’m a Florida girl through and through.

Tell us about your family.
I have a wonderful family that includes three beautiful sisters and two handsome brothers. I’m in the middle. I also have five nieces and one nephew.

Proudest moments in life thus far?
Graduating from Brevard Community College and starting my education program at the University of Central Florida.

Who is your favorite person?
Just one?? My favorite person had been and will always be my great grandmother. She always sacrificed her wants and needs to put others first. She loved everyone and was someone to aspire to be like. My other favorite people are my little nieces that live in Florida; they are the light of my life. I call all of them “baby girl”.

What makes this club special?
What makes Duran so special is that it is absolutely beautiful from the club house to the course. The staff is kind and accommodating. Still, the customers are what really make Duran special. The regulars are friendly; they make sure I’m doing well in school. They’re wonderful.

If you weren’t a cart girl, what would you be?
I’m an elementary education major at University of Central Florida, so when I’m not a cart girl any more I will be molding the minds of tomorrow.

What are your hobbies?
I love to paint and do just about anything creative.

What is in your refrigerator?
I don’t know, let me check… okay, there is some diet coke, yogurt, a couple sweaters, fruit cups, shoes and leftover pizza. Weird, I need to clean out the refrigerator.

What is your ideal date?
My ideal date is going to do something new and exciting. Doesn’t have to be jumping out of a plane, just something I haven’t done before.

Do you have pets?
My little baby, Davy. He is one and half years old. I found him in the middle of the road when he was five weeks old with a broken femur bone. He is a normal, healthy cat now, except he still has crossed eyes and a crooked tail but he is cute and it gives him character.

I feel most comfortable when...
I’m lounging at the beach.

The perfect man...
is motivated, hard working and funny, has blondish hair, blue eyes and likes to surf and fish. Oh yeah, and his name has to be Tyler. I’m not picky.

My parents always taught me...
my dad always told me to work hard for the things I want.

When I look in the mirror, I see...
a smart, young woman with a bright future. My fondest childhood memory is... I live a long the Indian River and my older brother, my younger sister and I would explore in and along the river. We were hoodlums, but it was fun. My friends tease me about... eating too much candy. I have a problem.