Cart Girl – June 2008

Where are you from? Where did you grow up?
Born and raised in a small town called Wabash, Indiana.

Tell us about your family. Are they golfers?
My brothers golf as do assorted relatives.

Proudest moments in life thus far?
The birth of my daughter, Brooke.

Who is your favorite person?
That would be my daughter, Brooke. I’m so proud of her accomplishments, her wisdom and her kind heart. And of course my mother. She is a wonderful person who is on my side no matter what.

What makes this club special?
The staff. I genuinely like everyone I work with– across the board.

If you weren’t a cart girl, what would you be?
At this stage of my life, I think retired, working on my golf game and traveling.

What is your memorable moment at work?
Witnessing a hole in one!

What is your best asset?
The ability to forgive and move on.

What is your favorite music?
Classical and Blues. But, I do love George Strait!

What are your hobbies?
Reading, learning to play piano, exercise in any form.

What is in your refrigerator?
Always cheese, fruit, good olives, wine and sparking water. Oh, and Ice cream!

What is your ideal date?
Sharing a good cabernet, steaks grilling-engaging conversation.

Do you have pets?
Yes, my cat, Jake. He is an amazing cat. Everyone loves him, even those who dislike cats.

Do you remain friends with ex-boyfriends or break off completely?
Friends with all but one. (I guess there’s always one!)

I feel most comfortable when…
in bed with a good book.

The last time I cried was…
While watching “Terms of Endearment” recently. That movie gets me every time!

The perfect man… A man has to mentally stimulate me. I look for intellect, sense of human (can be a bit warped) and compassion.

When I look in the mirror, I see…
Someone who has been through many different experiences and ready to tackle more.

My fondest childhood memory is…
My last Christmas with my father.

My favorite movie of all time…
To Kill a Mockingbird.